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The Board of the Alumni Association is formed for the attainment of the objectives of Association. The objective of the alumni association is to be the valued partner of the institute in terms of making substantive and measurable contributions to the educational enterprise in the field of academic affairs, communications, student affairs, sports, corporate relations, networking, and career services.

The Association shall be managed by the Board, which comprises of members who are elected by the annual meeting of the Association for a term of one academic year.

The Officiating members of the committee are as under:

  1. Hon. President,
  2. Hon. Vice President,
  3. Hon. General Secretary,
  4. Hon. Assistant Secretary,
  5. Hon. Treasurer
  6. Hon. Assistant Treasurer
  7. Hon. Committee Members

List of Board Members – Annexure 1


Duties and Powers of the Board of Alumni Association:

  1. Ensure all legal compliances and formation of required sub committee
  2. Arrange for the annual/ periodic meets of the Board/ General Body/ Specific committee
  3. Forward proposals and initiatives to achieve operational development and academic improvement of the institute
  4. Assist current students and alumni in career planning, placement and transitions by providing them mentorship and guidance about the current industry needs.
  5. Contribute their time, talent, and support to their alma-mater whenever required.
  6. Organizing and Delivering Guest-Lecture, Training sessions and Workshops
  7. Reserve the right to amend the conditions of membership without separate notification.
  8. Have the right to terminate a membership if it has been misused or if the information provided is false.
  9. Organize meetings to
    1. Present the annual report
    2. Confirm the action plan for the following year
    3. Approve the alumni budget for the following year
    4. Elect a chairperson for the Association for term of one year
    5. Review the membership of all sub committees.
    6. Decide on the membership fee annually.