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Alumni of the institute have been meeting regularly for enrichment of the curriculum and placement assistance. Three think tanks have been formed in the areas of entrepreneurship, placements and curriculum development which ponders over and make recommendations in respective fields.

The objective of the think tanks are:

Curriculum Development Think Tank

Objective - Alumni will provide inputs to enrich the curriculum and make it more in sync with corporate requirements. The Alumni can provide insights regarding industry trends, business processes, and new concepts and recommend topics to be included to various subjects. Alumni in the think tank will recommend the areas of improvement, subject related updations and focus areas through which the current student base can be benefitted.

Placement Assistance Think Tank

Objective – Members associated with placement assistance think tank will groom the students for current industry requirements and will guide them for optimal career options. The members can recommend skill set required by different corporates and can facilitate the same to the students through guest lectures and mentoring students for their live projects and link closely with the Placement Cell to support mentoring and intern opportunities.

Entrepreneurship Think Tank

Objective - The Entrepreneurship think tank aims to support aspiring student entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts, or any business-minded student by sharing their array of skills and knowledge and relevant experiences.