Getting a PGDM from an Indian University

And important question is, why study management from India, when there are a lot many options (many would say better than the Indian b-schools) available out of the country. But getting your PGDM admission in one of the Indian universities might prove to be extremely beneficial, and this is how we think it would be: […]

Top Career Opportunities After Studying Operations Management

Operations management is one of the most central and integral parts to any company. The most important thing that any organization would need is to be able to convert the inputs to the company, efficiently and successfully into the final service or product; and it takes for a hardcore operations management department, and a brilliant […]

Career Opportunities After Studying International Business Management

Getting your PGDM or MBA in Gujarat, or from any other place in the country, one of the major questions facing a student is the specialization he or she should go for. And while every specialization has its own high points, International Business management has definitely created a kind of niche for itself today. With […]

Why Study International Business Management

The competition in the market is real. We all know that. The thing that we are aware with, but many-a-times ignore, is that the market isn’ just domestic in nature. Getting ahead in the biggest races the humankind will ever see, one has to take the whole International market into perspective. You simply can’t ignore […]

What is Management in Information Technology all About?

What is IT Management? Whatever product or service a company might sell, there’s no way that the incorporation of technology in the creation of that product or service could be ignored. And to bridge the gap between the administrative and technical aspects of an organization is what a manager, specialized in Information Technology would strive […]

After PGDM: Preparing for Placements

Placements can be safely said to be the driving reason behind students opting for a PGDM. And so, it becomes more of a necessity to know that other than spending sleepless nights in anxiety over the coming big interview, what it is that one can do to crack these – and preferably without all that […]