Welcome To St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies – Best B School in Ahmedabad

St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies (SKIPS), a premier business school offering a two-year full-time Post-Graduate Diploma in Management, is a significant milestone in the trajectory of St Kabir group of educational institutions situated in Ahmedabad. SKIPS got approved by AICTE in 2008 and has proved that studying management isn’t just about getting an MBA from a top business school, and has henceforth emerged as the most sought-after institution for management studies.

With so many PGDM as well as MBA colleges in Gujarat, what actually gives us an edge over others is our methodology of teaching. Our pedagogy, while remaining student-centric at the core, is guided by pragmatism giving students opportunities to learn experientially. Students are provided with such an atmosphere where they grow into not only successful entrepreneurs or managers but also responsible citizens who are fully aware of the social, economic and ethical ramifications of their decisions. In a bid to strike a fine balance between the local and the global, SKIPS gives its students a due exposure to global management practices while maintaining relevance to our own culture and economy.

Whether it is a transaction of curricula or industry exposure, students remain at the centre at SKIPS. Our pedagogical practices are informed by students’ requirement and the latest developments in the field of management studies. Besides, the location of the institute i.e. Gujarat, the state which has become synonymous with progress, offers ample exposure to the corporate milieu and thereby makes an MBA in Ahmedabad a widely sought-after degree. They learn not only the latest theories and approaches of management but they also have opportunities to interact with leading business tycoons so that they can share the insight which experts have. Such an amalgam of academics and pragmatic approach makes our students highly employable and an asset in the real sense for the company they work for. This is how SKIPS gets distinguished from other best PGDM and also the best MBA colleges in Ahmedabad and Gujarat.

We believe that our top-ranked management course attracts as well as nurtures leaders, but of a new kind. Students here get to learn alongside peers who are all quite diverse from each other. They tend to come from various work backgrounds and cultures, with an acquaintance with different local markets and possess varied talents or skills. All that these students have in common is a keen intellectual curiosity. We put a lot of emphasis on students developing sharp skills to better analyze their options. Our students learn to have an open mind to appreciate perspectives different than theirs, right from the start. In addition, a diverse range of electives gives plenty of room to our students to shape their own learning experience as they deem fit.

Another reason why SKIPS stands amongst the best management-imparting institutes, whether they provide a PGDM or an MBA in Ahmedabad, is well buttressed by its self-motivated and dedicated faculty members. These are people who not only hold expertise in their fields of studies but who are also educators extraordinaire. Such a dedicated team of educators gives our PGDM programme an edge.

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The pronounced presence of SKIPS alumni in various industries also bears testimony to the excellence imparted at SKIPS. Because of this, the institution has also come to be considered as a bridge between industries and the manpower they require. SKIPS takes legitimate pride in its well-placed students. In fact, this is what makes SKIPS compete with top MBA colleges in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

At St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies, we invite students to come and explore an array of powerful learning opportunities while meeting amazing people from all over. We look forward to helping them achieve their true potential, develop into fantastic leaders, and transform their lives for the better.


The reason that SKIPS is one of the best amongst all the management-imparting institutes, whether they provide a PGDM or an MBA in Ahmedabad, is well buttressed by self-motivated and dedicated faculty members who are not only experts in their fields of studies but who are also educators extraordinaire. Such a dedicated team of educators gives our PGDM programme an edge.