Merit is not enough for entering into school of inspired leadership

Yes, that’s what you read is 100% right. We as top MBA Colleges in Ahmedabad, India create Leaders and in the process of making ‘Leaders’ a lot more goes beyond the merit.

The admission process is very carefully crafted to have the best of best ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ and it’s not simply being academically sound but a balanced personality that has an eclectic mix of numbers and talents and undoubtedly the qualities that transform him/her to being a leader. The application process follows the following steps in making the best leaders that shall lead not only themselves but the globe in the hindsight.

The Admission Process involves the following steps:

  • Online application form
  • Group Discussions
  • Personal Interview

School of Inspired Leadership attracts its students from diverse backgrounds from everywhere India (Kashmir to Kanyakumari) for various courses from one year MBA to different programs. Except for strong academic which is an additional advantage, SKIPS looks for the following characteristics:

  • Leadership Skills

This being the major and the most important facet of being a learner at SKIPS. School of inspired acknowledge leadership quality demonstrated at any stage and in every single form starting from teachers to group communication to extra-curricular activities etc.

Apart from the typical leadership expertise displayed at the workplace, the school of inspired Leadership that aims at creating ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ lookout for the exemplary leadership displayed by its prospective students at all stages of their life journey and not just limited to academics or workplace. Check our Leadership program blog for more info.

  • Innovative Thinkers

School of Inspired Leadership lays nice stress on innovation and keeps renovation, refining itself and its numerous processes to incorporate the innovative vision of its team. And it expects the same with the scholars it acquires. Like other top MBA Colleges in Ahmedabad, India. SKIPS follows a stringent ‘Case-Study’ based method for most of its subjects, which lets the students analyze and come up with their own set of thoughts and ideas. It’s about applying the knowledge acquired by the students from the course of study and their professional expertise and come up with the best innovative solutions to the real business and consulting problems.

  • Team-Players

Strong team players are the backbone of any team and are only responsible for the heights of success the team gains by the efforts they put in. a good team player is one who constantly motivates the team to push the bounds up and perform better by being ‘Together’ and thence obtaining a job done. SKIPS lays quite an emphasis on having a framework of people who display the quality of being a ‘Team-Player’ at all times and thence the stepping stone to be the leader of tomorrow.