Lifestage – A Teen-Only FB App

Social Networking Giant Facebook is trying to catch them young by launching a new teen only app Lifestage, designed specifically targeting high schoolersby allowing them put their life on stage.

Only 8% of Facebook’s US users are aged 13-19 according to statistics website Statista. With this new app Facebook is trying to connect to a generation which uses Snapchat to talk and Tinder to date. It is designed by 19-year-old Michael Sayman and looks very similar to Snapchat at first glance.

It is aimed at students aged 13-21. According to Facebook, the youth likes more visual-led content & this app enables users toupload more video clips to describe likes, peeves, dance styles, and other aspects of their character, they can also use templates and emoji to comment on their friends’ posts.Their clips are woven together to serve as public profiles that can be viewed by other Lifestage members. Users can unlock their school or college only when 20 students are signed up. They can find and connect with others from their school or other schools based on similar interests. While technically anyone can download Lifestage, anyone above 22 will only be able to see their own profile. A quick swipe allows a user to block and report people.

This video centric app though is launched only in US and is in its initial testing phase as an ios app but experts have started showing concerns about the negative impact.The concerns center on the privacy settings and personal data, as well as a need to make young users aware of what information they are sharing and with whom.But this may bring teenage insecurities and rivalry to a whole new level. The generation Z which is glued to devices does not need another app to be socially online but need to be emotional connected offline, be physically fit and enhance their talents and grades in academics.

Lifestage could capture the attention of teens that Facebook fears might slip away to Snapchat. But Facebook has a poor track record with standalone apps;they had shut down Poke, Slingshot, Paper, and Notify. Lifestage has started on the same lines as Facebook in 2004, to keep connected to known circle through new age medium videos. It is too early to comment on the future of this app as now of now it has not stirred the market in a positive way.

BY – Prof. Anumeha Mathur

Ph.D(Pursuing), M.B.A (Marketing)

SKIPS – Ahmedabad

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