How to Crack Quant Section in CAT?

How to Crack Quant Section in CAT?

Most of the CAT applicants, however good or bad they might be in mathematics, have a fear of the quant section. And this exam being the most important one to get MBA admission, this section plays a really important role in deciding the future of the students. Here are a few ways to help you get this section right, and hence get your first step right in helping you get MBA admission into the college of your choice!

Keep your concepts clear!

If you don’t have your concepts clear, there’s no point in going any further. The very first thing you need to do while preparing for this very feared section is to have every concept clear. Don’t apply rote theory here-do not go about just cramming up all the formulae and thinking that you’ll see the question and automatically apply the respective formula to solve it. Without a clarity of concepts, you won’t be able to recognise what method or formula to use in the first place-or how to use that formula. The basics need to be crystal clear for you to be able to crack problems that are out of the ordinary—the kinds of sums that need you to think a little differently. So, begin preparing by first understanding the basics.

Speed matters!

You have to be able to quickly assess the problem and figure out a way to move ahead to find a solution to it. And of course, practise is the only thing that will take you as near to perfection as is possible. By solving various problems—and, of course, various types of problems—you’ll be able to better analyse the problems, work them out, and explore new, creative ways and shortcuts to solve the same problems.

Read the question properly.

No practise, and no amount of knowledge would be of much use to you if you don’t read your questions in a calm, composed manner. You have to read all the questions-that’s the one big rule that you cannot ignore! Do not read a question halfway and decide that you can solve it or not. To decide which problems to solve first, you must first determine which questions are easy and which require you to work your brain a little harder.And you can make that kind of selection by reading each and every question properly.

So, prepare thoroughly and implement a sound strategy while keeping your frame of mind absolutely calm-and you’ll definitely be successful!

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