Why Go For PGDM In HRM?

Why Go For PGDM In HRM?

However strong you think your business strategy might be, your overall business can only be as strong as the human resource unit of your venture. Communication ability and soft skills do matter, but they’re certainly not enough today. Today, the world’s changing, and so are the industry’s standards and trends. This has a direct effect on the way the industry today demands its workforce to be. The requirements for skills and expertise are changing at the same pace as the industry itself is changing. So the least that can be expected of a human resource management executive is to be well-versed in the nitty-gritty of the trade and to maintain the momentum of learning, unlearning, and relearning even the hard facts as and when the trade itself evolves around them.

And that is the biggest reason, why companies are looking for exceptionally talented people to help them handle their workforce, and are ready to pay good remuneration for it. Managing the human assets of a company, and even the most successful organisations would agree, is one of the most important aspects of running a business. In turn, this has led to all the buildup around colleges offering courses in Human Resource Management. This is a short answer to the question “Why get a mba admission in ahmedabad at all?”. For a longer answer, read ahead.

Unmatchable Skill Development

Human Resource Management teaches a student, first and foremost, people skills. As important an idea, technology, and other things might be to a business, it can’t take off without a human being involved. And so are human resources, and anything even remotely important in a business needs to be managed.

Now, managing the technical part, or the finances, or any other aspect of a business, sure is not easy by any means; but managing people can, on top of it all, be a lot trickier for obvious reasons!

And studying human resource management introduces one to a whole new set of skills. Pgdm admission students get acquainted with concepts such as compensation management, performance appraisals, and so on. They come to learn about multiple disciplines such as accounting, economics, etc., helping them further in strategic planning, decision making, and so on. As someone studying how to manage the human resources of a company, one is made to know certain basic functions, made to understand various strategies and processes regarding everything from how to remunerate employees, to motivating them when they need it, to thinking of ways to aid in employee development, improving employee relations, and finally resolving any conflicts effectively.

Bright Career Opportunities

Studying HRM opens the door to so many career opportunities, that there’s absolutely no dearth of profiles that one could apply for. There are so many job opportunities in this field, as almost every company today requires HR administrators, whether it’s for hiring workers, training them, administering their salary, or even handling union management relations. HR managers are involved in everything right from recruitment and selection of candidates, to giving employees compensation and benefits, to their retention and welfare, as well as firing of employees when needed. And the bigger a company’s name, the bigger the profile and the greater the money they offer.

Some of the job opportunities that one could look forward to after studying Human Resource Management are:

  • HR Manager
  • Recruiter
  • Recruitment Coordinator, HR Officer
  • HR Generalist
  • Compensation Manager
  • Organizational Development and Change Consultant
  • Senior HR Officer, Placement Officer
  • Director of HR Training and Development
  • employment or placement manager.
  • Officer of Learning and Development
  • HR Consultant, Training and Development Officer
  • Administrative Head
  • Staffing Director
  • Technical Recruiter
  • Manager, Employee Relations
  • employment or placement manager.

The human resource department being one of the most important units of any company, makes a job in this field the kind where changing dynamics ensure constant growth. And while remuneration usually depends on a lot of factors, like the company itself, the economic activity at that time, the geographic location, and finally, profitability, this field does in fact offer some of the most lucrative jobs in terms of money. HRM graduates, especially those who manage to get it from a reputed institute and with a decent score, should without a doubt find themselves a decent job with any of the corporate houses, multi-national companies, industries, or even schools and colleges. And management is something that one can, and one usually does, study after having a background that could be anything, and not necessarily related to business. So, even those with a technical background or one related to liberal arts education would easily find a great job in India. There is a lot of demand for people who have expertise in human resources administration or industrial and labour relations. With no dearth of jobs and an inadequate number of good colleges out there, getting a PGDM in HRM would, in any case, put you in a win-win situation!

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