Why Does A PGDM Cost So Much?

Why Does A PGDM Cost So Much?

As with so many other programs, the cost of getting a PGDM seems to always be increasing. No one can deny the benefits of studying management, especially at one of the best institutes in the country, but is such a high tuition fee really justified? We think yes, and this is why:


Getting a PGDM is mainly about improving one’s employability. As expensive as this course is, it also gets one a direct managerial position in a company, preferably a big company if the PGDM is from one of the top b-schools. So, it’s an investment of a kind, because most of the best institutes do ask for a large amount of money, but the return on that investment is much, much higher. And that makes the difference. And not just the monetary benefits, but benefits in terms of position, expertise, and so much more. And that’s why the fee per semester charged by most PGDM college in ahmedabad is quite justified.


You learn from the best in your chosen field from, apparently, the best in their respective fields, and in the best way possible. And that kind of thing costs a lot, usually. It is the expertise of your faculty members, the alumni, the guest lecturers arranged by the colleges, and even your peers—this is an extremely important asset that you gain for yourself. The opportunities offered in this course are utterly important and not easily available. And that’s why the higher cost.

Not just a qualification

It’s not just a qualification-the college that you get your pgdm colleges in ahmedabad from acts as a brand that you add to your resume. The money that you spend as your tuition fee pays not only for what you get to study in terms of textbook knowledge, but also in terms of the experience and exposure that you get. You meet new people, learn new skills, learn about different cultures, and more importantly, you learn so much more about yourself! And in that respect, the money you pay to get into the best business school possible is definitely money well spent!

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