Why Do We Need A Group Discussion?

Why do we need a Group Discussion?

Whether you get an MBA in Ahmedabad or any other place, group discussion and personal interview make up for two of the most important processes that an admissions panel chooses for the applicants to go through, in order to get admission to their MBA program.

The question is, why is group discussion so important?

Here’s the answer:

You think about a subject, in depth, and in limited time.

While you might have prepared on many topics depending on the current news, or any special events that might have taken place, or depending on the location of the college (like if you’re applying to get an MBA in Ahmedabad, then the city could offer you topics of interest for a GD) – you never really know what you’re going to be discussing on the day of GD. So you get only a limited amount of time to discuss a topic with your other group mates, in a way that everyone gets to speak their mind, and you are all able to give the discussion a particular direction and an objective conclusion. All this would require you to really think on the subject, form coherent arguments on the same, and finally present them before the group.

Your problem solving ability increases.

Group discussion essentially builds one’s problem solving ability, due to the very fact, that the topic of the discussion is usually a some dilemma, or an issue that needs to be resolved. So, even if your discussion doesn’t amount to a specific solution in the end, you will have to use your mind to at least steer the discussion to a possible solution. This will have marked effect on your ability to build an objective thinking which is essential in solving problems.

Your observation and listening skills are improved.

In order to build up your own arguments, one of the things that you would need to look at, would be the other involved in the discussion. You can’t just rely on all the information that your mind has collected on the topic of discussion, and go on putting your points. This is because, in case you don’t listen well, your arguments won’t make any sense in the overall discussion. The arguments you make have to be in reflection to the ideas being expressed in the discussion; and so, your observation and listening skills will be affected in a positive way.

Your confidence gets boosted

Knowing that you can come up with ideas on a topic that you’ve been given just minutes ago, and them effectively discuss it with people that you’ve never known before – the process of group discussion undoubtedly builds up a lot of confidence.

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