What type of MBA would suit you the most- the general one or the one with specialization?

After deciding whether you should get an MBA, the next most probable question that could bother the aspiring management students is what kind of MBA specialization is perfect for them or should they stick to the general MBA? To answer this question and end the dilemma, the easiest way is to take a look at the pros and cons of each and decide which one goes best with your future career goals. Hence, before starting your quest to filter out the top MBA colleges in Ahmedabad, let’s dig deeper into which suits you the best- A general MBA or an MBA with specialization?

MBA is one of the most sought after postgraduate courses in India. From different academic backgrounds, many students opt for this course right after completing their graduation, while some decide to get this degree after gaining some professional experience. So, to ensure that no time and resources are wasted, it is always suggested to choose the right course.

General MBA

General or regular MBA includes basic programs in Economics, Finance, Marketing, Management, Strategy, etc. As the name suggests, it focuses on a holistic approach and not on any specific subject. Students who want to pursue a general MBA can learn the essential skills in management like business management, critical thinking, leadership skills, etc. It would not be wrong to mark a general MBA as a course that teaches the students to become an overall better businessman or women. If you are already a professional, a general MBA can support you to the next big step in your career.

The course pedagogy of the general MBA is designed in such a way that the first-year students are taught the fundamental aspects of management, while in their second year, they are asked to choose their elective subjects. And selecting an elective subject can be a way of specializing, but it in no way can be stated to be single-focused.


  1. With a general MBA, you can get in-depth knowledge about the general aspects of business and management domains.
  2. It provides you with a holistic learning approach.
  3. For career growth or professional switch, a general MBA is a better option.
  4. Students can choose electives as per their needs and preferences.
  5. A general MBA focuses on strengthening skills like leadership, business management, communication, creativity, critical thinking, etc.


  1. With a general MBA, you will not necessarily get directed towards a specific professional direction.
  2. It may not be considered a suitable fit for every niche.
  3. No specialization may restrict you from gaining an in-depth knowledge of any specific sector.

Specialized MBA

Much opposite to the general MBA, specialized MBA has a specialization attached to it. In other words, if you pursue a specialized MBA, you can get the scope to specialize in core areas like Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, and International Business, etc. Pursuing specialized MBA from the top MBA Colleges in Ahmedabad, like IIMA, Nirma, MICA, SKIPS and others, can offer you to land with great career options.

There is a similarity between a general MBA and a specialized one in the sense that in both the courses, the students get the scope to learn the fundamental aspects of management. However, in the latter, the curriculum is designed to train students in specific areas of management that they opt as per their interest. As a result, studentsopting for a specialized MBA are considered experts in their respective fields.This is turn, can help them get better career trajectories.

Apart from the traditional core areas of specialization, MBA colleges are nowadays coming up with courses based on industry- requirements. FOR INSTANCE, top MBA colleges in Ahmedabad have unique industry-specific programs like Rural Management, Hospital Management, etc.


  1. Specialized MBA course is considered best to gain knowledge about niche areas.
  2. Students with a specialized MBA degree are often preferred over general MBA students in specialized areas of businesses.
  3. It is an excellent field of study for students who are passionate to learn about a specific core area of management.
  4. It offers you in-depth knowledge about your area of specialization.
  5. A few specialized MBA programs allow the candidates to pursue them while they are still working.


  1. The acumen in a specific area can limit you from gaining an overall knowledge about the management field.
  2. Specialization can restrict you to a specific area of work, and it may be challenging to switch field.
  3. If you choose the wrong specialization, your career can get hampered.
  4. A few colleges offering specialized MBA programs may require the students to have previous work or academic experience, making the admission process more difficult.

General MBA vs Specialized MBA: FAQs

  1. Is General MBA less superior to Specialized MBA?

The answer is No. The importance of each course depends on the students’ professional and career goals. They may mean different to different students in terms of their significance.

  1. Which is better- a General MBA or a specialized one?

It again depends on the students’ requirements. A General MBA is better if you want to progress in your professional field and get a good grasp over the management tenets. A Specialized MBA is better if you want to gain in-depth knowledge about your area of specialization.

  1. What are unique areas of specializations offered by the top MBA colleges in Ahmedabad?

Some of the unique specializations offered as per the industry requirements are Rural Management, IT Management, Hospital Management, Engineering Management, Operation Management, etc.

  1. How much can I expect to earn after completing Specialized MBA?

It depends on what specialization you choose and from where you decide to pursue your MBA degree.

Which one is better?

We have already presented the factors which you should take into consideration while answering the above question. To decide which course is better, you can carefully assess your career objectives and explore some of the best management programs.

There is no shortage of top-notch MBA colleges in Ahmedabad, but to reap the full benefits of getting enrolled in one of those,you can look at the following tabular gist.

Generalized MBA is an excellent option if Specialized MBA is a perfect option if
  1. You have some work experience.
  2. You wish to switch from your existing profession.
  3. You do not want to restrict yourself to some specific field.
  4. It does not matter if you do not have any in-depth knowledge about any core field of management.
  5. You want to strengthen your skills like communication, leadership, time management, etc.
  1. You wish to learn about a specific domain of management.
  2. You want to make progress in a specific niche area.
  3. You are a fresher and not necessarily have any working experience.
  4. You want to expertise in your area of interest and grow your career in it.
  5. You are absolutely sure about your career goals and the management path you want to take up.