What are the Factors to Know about the MAT Exam in MBA College?

The Management Aptitude Test or MAT exam is a national level exam organised for entrance level in a reputed MBA college. This examination is arranged by the All India Management Association every year. This exam is a prerequisite for getting admission for a PGDM or MBA course.
The MAT exam is held four times every year, especially in May, February, December, and September. The candidates who can clear the MAT exam are eligible for admission to over 800 business schools. Now, you have to manage the scores in MAT as part of the entrance exam. This is the choice of the candidates to give the exam online or via paper.

Things to Know about MAT Exam Pattern
Various business schools in India accept the scores of the MAT exam for the programs related to management. So, it always becomes important to accomplish a high score in the MAT examination.
You have to be aware of the examination curriculum that is based on the pattern of the exam organised for the MBA college. For the full preparation of the examination, you also need to understand the exam pattern. Take a look at some factors that are based on the pattern of the MAT examination:

  1. Sections in the Exam

You will get five sections in the MAT exam: Critical Reasoning, Intelligence Analysis, Data Analysis, Language Comprehension, Sufficiency Program, Indian and Global Environment, and Mathematics. All the sections can be divided easily with the flow, functionalities, and programs.

  1. Number of Questions

You will get a total of 200 questions in the MAT examination to get a chance in MBA college. The number of questions can be dealt with the perfect works and the terms.

  1. Division of Questions

You will get 40 questions each in all five sections of the exam paper. There are questions that need to be managed with the analysis and the programs. The divisions of the terms are managed with the division in the questions allowed in the question paper.

  1. Duration of the Test

The MBA aspirants will get two and half years or 150 minutes for completing the exam. About 30 minutes are allotted for Intelligence and Critical Reasoning. Another 30 minutes is for Language Comprehension.
The 35 minutes is for Data Analysis and Sufficiency. For 40 minutes, you will get for Mathematics. The last 15 minutes of the Indian and Global Environment is based on the MAT examination. The duration of the exam can be managed with the proper convenience. It also needed to be functionalized with the statement so that it can easily manage the duration easily.

  1. Division of Section-Wise Questions

Every five sections cover various types of questions as follows:

  • In the section-wise division of maths, you will find Business Mathematics, Geometry, Arithmetic, etc. The candidates should also know the basic formulae.
  • Critical Reasoning and Intelligence – The sections in the reasoning have sections such as Input-Output Analysis, Data Arrangement, Direction Sense, and Blood Relations.
  • Language Comprehension – The candidates should assess based on the comprehension test and reading skills analysis to start the examination. The answers to the passage should be based on the skill management questions.
  • Indian and Global Environment – The general knowledge based on the international and the national part has the current affairs. The environment is also based on the analysis and the programs. The GK questions are set with the IQ analysis and many questions.
  • Data Analysis and Sufficiency – There are various factors related to the subject based on current International affairs and other subjects. It is also important to manage the analysis and the sufficiency of other aspects.
  • Marking Scheme – The candidates will be awarded one mark for every answer in the marking scheme. The negative marking of the question is 0.25 for the incorrect answer.
  • Type of Questions – There are about 200 questions, and among them, there is the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) format. There are about four answers, along with all options for each question.
  1. Language Paper – In the MAT exam paper, the English language ensures uniformity. 

Final Thoughts
The MAT examination is commonly managed with a large number of students along with the order on the Management program. It is always important to understand the program that is needed to be analysed as per the syllabus and the appearance of the examination.
While dealing with the basic management program, it is important to look after the practice and the programs based on the terms and analysis of the examination. The basic factors related to the terms can be managed easily with various functionalities to get admission to an MBA college.