Upcoming Job Sectors for Management Students after COVID-19

The employment trend got a shocker due to COVID-19 led disruption.  Massive layoffs culminated in human despondency and despair.  The shift in job pattern became unpredictable and most of the recruiters preferred to stay on the sidelines till things clear out. Undoubtedly, COVID 19 has turned the world upside down for almost a year. The entire world can acutely feel the aftermath of the pandemic in every sphere of lives be it socially, economically, physically, or mentally.
However, change is the only constant. A sharp rebound has been seen again in the job market after hopes of the corona vaccine, upliftment of restrictions, withdrawal of lockdowns, and easing of the travel restrictions. In this context, the areas where the job market has shown some tangible growth are noted down in this article. Management students are going to get numerous opportunities in these sectors as the economies rebound.
The upcoming areas for management students after Covid-19 are E-Commerce, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Entrepreneurial Management, Design and Research, Data Analytics, Healthcare Management, and Stress and Anxiety Management. The curriculum of these courses will be beneficial for creating new job opportunities and ensuring physical and mental well-being.
Let’s have a quick look at the upcoming sectors in brief:


COVID 19 compelled the ecommerce industry to navigate unchartered territories. COVID 19 left nothing unscathed. With new developments in logistics, and supply chain management ecommerce has catered to the growing demand of online orders quite effectively.  Many businesses have announced that their employees can work remotely full-time until the pandemic is under complete control and the situation is normalized. There have been overnight changes in the shopping behavior of the individuals. People are avoiding going to various public places and buying the essentials and luxuries for themselves. Thus, the revenues of E-Commerce companies have shot up tremendously due to the increase in the surge of online buyers. It is a booming field for anyone who would like to pursue their career in an online field.


The only sector which was working even during the lockdown is the healthcare sector. The pharmacists have done incredible jobs in supplying medicines on time to the needy ones. The management students are the most needed ones to manage, supply, and strategize the business in a better way in this sector. After the vaccine is out in the market, the pharma sector will see a tremendous increase in profits due to the massive demands for medicines and vaccines. India is thriving in the healthcare sector and is expected to ace up among the top three healthcare sectors in the world.
The appropriate safety measures will bring back the employee workforce to the same level once the COVID-19 wave gets over. The healthcare job opportunities can be found at the top companies of India like Fortis, Apollo Hospitals, Piramal, and Cipla.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence:

Though the physical world has come to a halt post COVID-19, the digital world is booming with speed. The jobs in this sector are the least affected. Thus, the trend of AI will pace up in the upcoming years in the world. There will be fantastic job opportunities for students who have pursued management and have an acumen for   data and AI.
The packages provided will be decent, like no other sector. A carefully crafted curriculum in some of the most well-known colleges in India will help you to enhance your skills and knowledge in this sector. Though AI and machine learning can revolutionize how strategic planning, operations, business decisions, and marketing is done in organizations, management students are required to provide the cognitive approach.

Data Analytics:

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced a large chunk of people to work from home for the past few months. Due to this, organizations are depending more on data accumulation and analysis for insights, predictive analytics, and big data led projections.
Now to manage and handle such big chunks of data, the countries need qualified data analysts, data scientists, and people who are highly skilled to work on data. Thus Data analytics is the most upcoming sector for all the management students.

Business Analysts:

Increase in remote working, expansion in data collection tactics, use of non-traditional business monitoring tools, expansion of contingent workforce and increase in organization complexity have compelled businesses to focus on analysis for business redemption. As the businesses are transforming and moving towards the online path, the digital channels are becoming mainstream for healthcare, education, retail, and other sectors. Here is the time when they will need Business Analysts who can analyze the trends and the profits/loss of businesses and drive the process into a thriving one. Thus, business analysts will be in higher demand post the COVID-19 wave. Business analysts improve processes, streamline operations, optimize key workflow parameters, and strategize for sustained profitability.

Digital Marketing:

Today more and more people are trying to seek information online rather than going to shops. Because of this, digital marketing has become a lifeline for the businesses to reduce offline marketing expenses and focus on online or digital marketing to increase website traffic.  They want to gain better ROI from their marketing teams. Thus, the need for marketing specialists, SEOs, email marketing team, digital brand experts, CRMs, and PPC practitioners will increase in a short span post COVID 19. From lead generation, capturing and nurturing to final sales, digital marketing is playing a pivotal role for businesses in achieving goals.

Design, Research, and Development:

Post Covid-19 pandemic, there will be a need for specialization in design, research, and development for the MBA students. Designing long term projects for the business, doing research work for the company to get better ideas for that business will create new job opportunities for management students. This will help them in balancing the mutual relationship of the company and the individuals. Moreover, it will help in securing the earnings in the new normal after six months.


The pandemic has turned the tables for most businesses, and to survive in this new normal, they need to study and analyze consumer behavior, their changing trends, and everything about them. An entrepreneur can only dissect the actual problem and find a solution for the same. MBA in entrepreneurship and innovation can help bring innovative ideas for the business and set new patterns for the company going forward. Thus the entrepreneurial jobs will be in need in the near future, which will not only revolutionize the economy but also mentor the young minds with adequate business skills.

Mental Health Management:

A lot of people have been affected mentally due to Covid-19 and the aftermaths of the disease. It is necessary to have healthy mental health for their well-being and happiness. MBA in Healthcare Management with a particular curriculum, including concepts of emotional intelligence, empathy-building skills, and understanding the philosophical needs of the people can help people come out of depression and live every day and stress-free lives. These new-age specializations in MBA will create ample job opportunities for the MBA students and cater to the present demands after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Apart from the sectors mentioned above, more jobs will be created in the cybersecurity space, cloud-based companies, and the automotive sector.

In a nutshell, B-Schools can add new specializations baskets which can cater to the present needs of businesses after the new normal. The above mentioned 10 job sectors are the most upcoming ones for Management students which will secure their lives with handsome earnings. For more details or any queries contact us.