Top Specialization in MBA – Part 2

In the previous blog, we have discussed some of the most popular specializations of MBA. But that has been only a few from a long list of options. In this post, we are going to discuss the remaining.

• Acquisition

You might have heard about mergers and acquisitions, right? If you are looking for a specialization that is a bit unique, then pursuing a MBA degree in acquisition is the right choice. Mainly focusing on contract managements, negotiation tactics, legal aspects of commercial and government systems, this specialization can offer you great opportunities. During this study, you will master the theories of negotiations, conflict resolutions and legal business practices. Pursuing your post graduate degree from a good MBA college in Ahmedabad or abroad can offer you a number of versatile career opportunities.

• Entrepreneurship

If you are someone who wish to launch a new venture, then an MBA in entrepreneurship is the best way to go. This program focuses on sharpening the entrepreneurial skills of a student so that they can fare better in the competitive business world. While earning their master’s degree, students will prepare you for the challenges of establishing and growing a business in today’s dynamic climate. Students completing this major can find careers in innovation management, management consulting, venture capital and more.

• Healthcare management

Healthcare services have been an ever-growing industry nowadays. Whether it is about the advancement of new medical technologies or entry of new diseases, healthcare seems to flourish even in the struggling economy. Since a major share of hospitals and healthcare institutions operates under private management, it demands the administration of skilled professionals. And that is where an MBA degree in healthcare management fits in.

• Hospitality and Tourism

Tourism industry has been witnessing ups and downs in the recent years. But this service sector has been making significant contributions to the national and global economy. If you are someone who have a great passion for travel and hospitality, then a Masters in tourism is a right choice to consider. As the travel and hospitality industry is in a tremendous development, there has been a rising need for several business professionals. The course curriculum mainly covers global ethical challenges, tourism management, event planning and more.

• International business

Most of the business organizations and conglomerates have their presence on global level. And there has been a high demand for experienced and brilliant professionals for managing the overseas business. If you are interested in establishing a lucrative career, then taking an MBA degree in International Business is the right choice. The course curriculum covers trade laws, export and import procedures, documentations, currency conversions, fluctuations, market distribution and more. Some of the career opportunities include management analyst, administrative service manager and chief executive officer.

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