Top Specialization in MBA – Part 1

Planning to pursue MBA? Masters of Business Administration or MBA is one of the most popular academic qualifications across the world now. This distinguished degree program that focuses in different aspects of business administration has opened up career avenues not only in the business world, but also in healthcare, tourism, law, education and more. If you are an aspiring student planning to join the best MBA college in Ahmedabad, then it is important to familiarize yourself with the major specializations available with this post graduate degree. Below listed are some of the most popular MBA specializations.

  • Finance

We all know the importance of financial transactions in business world as they decide the rise and fall of a business. Pursuing an MBA degree with specialization in Finance allows the students to learn the basic fundamentals of corporate finance, budgeting, international finance policies, investment strategies and more. Students pursuing MBA in finance can find career opportunities mostly in banking and insurance sections as they are directly related with the financial operations. An efficient management of executive strategies is only possible with the formulation of better financial strategies.

  • Marketing

Considered as one of the most competitive areas in the field of business, marketing plays a crucial role in generating profit and revenue for an organization. If you wish to work behind achieving the sales target and exploring new market potential, then pursuing an MBA degree in Marketing is the best bet. During the MBA program, you will learn the tricks and techniques of marketing that helps in attracting the customer attention. The curriculum mainly focuses of interpreting customer behaviors, product development strategies, market research, advertising, cost analysis and more. MBA in Finance graduates can find career opportunities in sales, marketing and public relations department.

  • Human Resources

Skilled and dedicated workforce is the most valuable assets of a business organization. Regardless of the industry or size of the business, it is important to strengthen the human resources and make them highly productive in order to achieve profits. Pursuing an MBA degree with specialization in Human resources management will help the students in mastering those skills that are essential for integrating business goals with employee ethics. Since every business firm is keen on utilizing the employee potential to its optimum, a candidate with a strong academic background in Human Resources can easily find vast and diverse range of career opportunities.

  • Project Management

Each and every work is named as a business project these days. And since successful organization follows a hierarchical and systematic procedure for executing projects, it is important to have a project management team or project manager. Students with an MBA specialization in Project Management will sharpen the problem solving and leadership skills of student. Moreover, they will learn the strategies for handling and resolving complex business issues, utilizing resources efficiently and techniques to cut down risks. By the completion of MBA program, you will be well-versed in managing, planning, controlling and coordinating business projects.

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