Top leadership qualities that are desirous in your MBA application to the top management colleges in Ahmedabad

After doing some in-depth research while choosing the most preferred MBA colleges to apply to, the next hurdle that most students come across is how to write a good MBA application. According to the management gurus, it is not enough for aspiring students to just score well in their entrance exam. They also need to showcase some creativity at the time of writing their MBA application. Some of the most daunting questions students can face in this phase are how to present the thoughts? Which leadership qualities should be shown in the application? And many more. The top MBA colleges in Ahmedabad scrutinize every application form meticulously before selecting the most apt ones.

It would help if you remembered that the admission committees of best b- schools in Ahmedabad receive a ton of application forms every year, but they choose only a few who uniquely portray their skills and personalities. Hence, if you want to pursue this degree from the top b-schools, you must stand differently from the rest. And to do that, you can try to write an application that offers aglimpse of your leadership spark, which can be nurtured and polished during the course of the degree.

Why focusing on leadership skills is essential for MBA aspirants?

An MBA degree is known majorly for teaching the students the nitty- gritty of management and instilling some essential leadership qualities. However, at the time of admission, the selecting committee often searches for those candidates who already possess some leadership sparks that can be nurtured further. The real-life business scenario can be highly competitive, and students considering moving into a specialized management role need to prove their leadership skills in every step. It is essential for their professional success.

Crucial leadership qualities that are desirous in your MBA application

  1. Communication Skills: The top quality that can help you showcase your leadership skills is communication. Leaders are often great communicators. Being open to discussions, problem-solving, etc., one can form a strong network with the employees, clients, and other professionals. If you cannot interact with your teammates, you won’t last as a part of the team. Hence, talking about how you can communicate better and how your communication skill has helped you in life can help your MBA application stand apart from the mass.
  2. Decision-Making Skills: Leaders are expected to make appropriate decisions at the appropriate time. In the real-life business scenario, you may have to make decisions under difficult and stressed situations. Hence, do not hesitate and highlight the past instances where you could take effective decisions to solve issues in your application.
  3. Integrity: If you dream of getting admission to one of the best business schools in Ahmedabad, like IIMA, SKIPS, MICA, etc., you should include integrity as part of your leadership skills. A leader always glimmers no matter the condition and is never afraid to utter the truth, even if it ugly. Try to introspect and recognize if you have stood firm with your values even under stress. Highlighting such a trait in your MBA application can prove beneficial for you in terms of getting the admission committee’s attention.
  4. Team Building Skills: Team building is an essential aspect of a good leader’s personality.For an aspiring MBA student, it is expected to showcase the ability to form a good relationship with the team mates and maintain it for a long time. Developing a strong network within the team is an essential task that needs to be inculcated in a leader. It is required that one should not boss around and motivate and mentor the team members in strenuous situations to achieve successful results.
  5. Delegation: A good leader needs to know when to take the whole responsibility on their shoulder and when to delegate them. Also, it is essential to understand that delegating work is the key mantra to successful projects when playing as a part of the team. Delegation not only boosts the team spirit but also empowers the team members.

Some added points to consider

In the aforementioned sections, we have presented some of the leadership traits that you must showcase in your MBA application to increase your chance of getting selected by your preferred MBA College, Ahmedabad. If you could put these skills wisely in your application, the chances are high that your application would stand differently among the other aspirants. However, what if you do not possess some most desired leadership skills? How would you form your application then? Here we are covering the points, which would help you cover your lack of leadership quality in your MBA application.

  1. Include how you train yourself to inculcate skills: Don’t worry if you lack some of the leadership skills. While applying to the top MBA College Ahmedabad, focus on introducing what you have done or can do to train yourself to earn the needed leadership skill. Describe the methodology you follow to overcome any shortcomings.
  2. Share the ideas that can lead you to be a successful leader: It is always great to discuss the ideas you have implemented in your workplace or institution to solve problems. Highlight the instances where your decisions proved successful in achieving the set goals.
  3. Highlight how you are the ideal candidate to be selected: It is crucial that you describe to the admission committee that you are one of the most deserving candidates. Even if you have got significantly less scope to showcase your leadership qualities, it is suggested that you reflect on your past activities and take references from there to showcase your candidature in the glimmering light.
  4. Highlight your most unique achievements: Always focus on mentioning the unique tasks you have undertaken. Whether it is charity work or leading your teammates through a college-level quiz competition, you never know which quality of yours can make your MBA application stand apart from the rest. Try to be genuine while presenting your achievements as they would provide an edge to your application for sure.

The concluding thoughts

There is no dearth of good management colleges in India, and there some very renowned MBA colleges in Ahmedabad and other A- list cities, which offer MBA degrees with different specializations. And it doesn’t matter where you apply to pursue your course from; the admission committees always look for something striking in your application. A simple MBA application may not score well and eliminate your chance of getting admission. Aspirants who are planning to pursue MBA from a reputed MBA College in Ahmedabad should focus on achieving good in the admission test and spend a reasonable amount of time introspecting and reflecting on their skills that could be put into their application. It would be best if you remember that your application form speaks for you before giving you the scope to describe your traits before the admission committee. So, focus and do not rush!