Top 3 Specializations Of MBA

Top 3 Specializations of MBA

Choosing an Best MBA College ahmedabad is quite difficult, especially when there are an overwhelming number of options available. But the specialisation you choose for your MBA degree plays a key role in your career. Hence, in this blog post, we are going to discuss some of the most popular specialisations for MBA that will help you land a good job. Read on to find out more.

Finance: If you have a strong inclination towards numbers and balance sheets, then choosing finance as your MBA specialisation is your best bet. As the name implies, this specialisation equips you with the strategies and skills needed for money management in an organization. Many students think pursuing an MBA degree in finance only opens up careers in investment banks and insurance companies. However, the corporate world has been offering a number of opportunities for MBA finance graduates these days. When you choose finance as your stream, you are going to acquire specialised knowledge in strategic planning, managing alliances, mergers and expansion, and more. Though finance professionals work at the back-end of an organization, they have a crucial role in the decision-making and management hierarchy of a company. Other than investment banks, MBA finance graduates from the best MBA colleges in Ahmedabad can find careers as risk managers, credit managers, management consultants, bankers, chief financial officers, finance controllers, and more.

Marketing: Considered as one of the most sought-after specialisations among MBA graduates in India, marketing is a front-end job that demands excellent interpersonal communication skills and a positive attitude. If you have strong people skills, then an MBA degree with marketing as the main focus is the right choice. In fact, some of the global business leaders have an MBA degree in marketing. As one of the most dynamic and competitive careers, marketing is for those who have an undying zeal to overcome all challenges and rise to the top levels. An MBA in marketing can provide you with career opportunities in advertising, media, sales, insurance, consumer durables, distribution, and services, to name a few. Some of the lucrative roles for MBA marketing graduates to grab in the corporate world include brand manager, project manager, marketing manager, market research analyst, or chief marketing officer.

Human Resources (HR): If you are looking for a recession-proof job area, then human resources is your ideal specialisation to consider. The MBA programme with human resources as the major stream helps the students learn the strategies and techniques of recruitment, training, compensation, employee performance analysis, and career development. In fact, companies, regardless of their industry and size, need the services of an HR professional. An HR professional serves as the primary point of interaction between the employees and higher level management, thereby ensuring the smooth flow and overall efficiency of business operations. If you have great communication skills and an amiable personality, then an MBA with human resource specialisation could be the right pick for you.