Top 10 Things to Consider Before Choosing a B-school

Business degrees offer an array of lucrative advantages, which make them one of the most popular courses for aspirants. Your reasons can be plenty to pursue a business course such as an MBA or a PGDM. Maybe you want a career change, or you want to scale up your professional journey or others. In any case, your dreams will truly see the day of the light, only if you choose the right B-school.

The world around is changing, and so are the businesses. Therefore, getting into an institution that brings out the best business skills in you is of utmost importance. With the number of business schools mushrooming around the globe, it may be intimidating for you to select the one that is right for you.

Before you list out the B-School essentials, you need to figure out your career goal. Once you got it right and clear, you are ready to plunge into the next step.

You may have to skim through a lot of B-school brochures, plenty of review websites, and counseling calls before you decide on “the right one.” To help you make an informed decision, we have listed out the top 10 crucial points you must consider before choosing a B-school.

Before you settle down for the best b-school, evaluate all tangible and intangible factors to eliminate any improbabilities, and gain clarity on all crucial parameters. Remember, ultimately, it is your future at stake, so carefully read on and make the best pick:

Curriculum and Accreditation
Business studies can be applied to different verticals. While having a good base knowledge is of utmost importance, it is always wise to opt for a course that aligns with your career goal. Choose a college that offers business degrees with specialization of your interests.
For example, if you are interested in marketing, make sure the B-school offers a curriculum that allows specialization in marketing and lays a sound foundation for other business subjects, as well.
Along with the curriculum, you must pay head to its accreditation. Make sure it is affiliated with the best affiliation boards like AICTE, NBA, etc. They add credibility to your hard-earned degree, especially during placements.

One of the overlooked yet important factors is the location of your B School. While proximity to hometown may be a concern for some, there is more to what the location of your B school has to offer. Choose a B-school that offers you the right exposure in terms of access to businesses or better networking possibilities. B-school with its location in an industrially and commercially developed city should be your priority. B-school having campus within the city limits is always an added advantage.

What is B School without the right faculty? Yes, you cannot overlook it. Good faculty comprises industrial experts, researchers who are capable of bringing the business leader out of you. Always check the faculty profile, not only of the permanent staff but also the visiting faculty, advisors, or guest lecturers. They are the stepping stones towards your goals.

Training and Placement cell
Ensure your B-school has an amazing alumni support and training and placement cell that cares for its students. They are the ones responsible to bring in the right companies for you and conduct productive seminars and workshops to give you the right exposure to the changing business trends. Check the track record, see which previous corporate giants visited the campus for placements.

What you become is somewhat influenced by your peers. In a B-school, you may find yourself swamped up with group projects and studies. Therefore, your peers will always be one of the influential parts of your B-School life. Do a little background study about the college you are applying to understand the types of students they generally attract. It assures that you can expect a motivational ambiance.

A good B-school will have leaders in their admin board who are experienced professionals in real-life business and academia. Their expertise in their respective fields helps them bring in the right vision and mission for the B-Schools. It means you can most likely look forward to an educational environment where the interests of students in teachers are valued. The Dean and board members would always promote a balance of students, faculty, and alumni welfare.

Cost of Education
There is no denying that B-schools can be pretty expensive. So when you are browsing through the college’s brochure, make sure you are investing at the right college. Scan through the fees properly and calculate the net amount, including the hidden living and food expenses. You can always look out for colleges that provide better placement opportunities and have relatively lower fees.

The ranking of B-School indicates a lot of things. It implies the quality in terms of its courses, faculty, research, student services, and career support. Some B-schools rank better when faculty are considered and some in career support. Look out for the details if you are referring to the rank list of best B-schools and not to forget the source of such information. Check reviews, testimonials, alumni quotes, etc. before finalizing anything.

Check out your future B school’s infrastructure before you fill in that admission form. See if there are basic amenities available like modernized classrooms, an Auditorium, amenities, a vast library rich in textual and online supplies, to support your thesis or college assignments.

Student Support
Learning and honing your skills are done best in an inclusive and supportive environment. Your B-school experience will shape the way your personality will evolve. Therefore, always look for alumni reviews and see if the administration and faculty support their students. It will give you an idea about the way they are involved with students.

In a Nutshell
So, you are about to embark on an exciting journey towards your career goals. These were some of the points which you should consider while selecting the best educational abode to see your dreams become reality.

We hope these points help you in finding the best B-School to suit your needs. Get ready for a fulfilling and enthralling B-School experience, your first step to corporate life.