Top 10 Mistakes that Students Make In Choosing the B-Schools

To err is human, but some mistakes come with a heavy price. One such example is choosing the wrong college for your MBA or PGDM degree. Both the courses offer high expectations to help you build a bright future. The right B-school will give you the required exposure and experience and bring out the best managerial or entrepreneurial skills in you. In India alone, the number of B-schools has mushroomed over the past few years owing to the tremendous demand for such courses. But, are they all worth it?
There’s no denying that pursuing a management course after graduation is heavy on your pockets. So not only do the wrong choices leave you empty-handed in terms of knowledge and exposure, but it is also a lossy affair in terms of finance.
We have listed the top 10 mistakes students tend to make while choosing a B-school here, so you can be awry of the same:

Following the herd

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make while choosing the best B school. You must not depend on what the crowd says is the best for you. You must have your intentions and do your research well because what works for others may not work for you. Just because a management degree sounds cool and everyone around you is echoing its importance doesn’t mean you need it. Giving in to the trend and getting into a course that you are not aware of or interested in is simply a waste of your time and money.

Not having clear goals

Management courses are designed differently for each vertical. If you want to improve your managerial skills, an MBA is a better choice than PGDM. However, if you want to nurture your entrepreneurial skills and want to imbibe leadership qualities, the PGDM course will fit you better. Not having clarity about your goals will only lead you to choose a B-school and a course that you do not need in the first place.

Choosing Fun over academics

Yes, college life is fun, but enrolling into a B school because it has a cool games arena should not be the sole reason. While these are important for your overall development, choosing a college because of its co-curricular activities and not academics may not help you build a strong foundation for the rest of your life. Always look for good faculty and peer culture, where you get up close with the real-life management lessons. A college with the perfect balance of academics and co-curricular events is the one that can help you in the long run.

No idea about specialization

Some colleges do have specialization courses for MBA and PGDM. Some high-end PGDM colleges also offer dual specialization. You must have an outlook about your future, whether you want to enter into the human resource department or you want to pursue a career in finance or marketing. There are more than one vertical to management courses, and no focus on them is the most crucial mistake a student can make. If you want to understand more about specialization for PGDM click here.

Overlooking past placement records

Before selecting a B school, it is important to look at the placement records. The statistics here are not limited to just the number of students getting placed, but also the company and package they have been offered need to be considered. Often students just go over the 100% placement marketing gig and end up with a below-average job. Therefore, students should analyze the types of companies coming on the campus, job profiles they offer, the number of recruiters from a variety of industries, and more before settling on a college for its placement track.

Not caring about the faculty

It is another outcome of the lack of research about the college. Faculty is the backbone of any B-School like any other college. Choosing a college having an experienced faculty is the key to learning out of the text principles of management. It comes in handy in the long run. Also, good colleges have leaders from industries as guest lecturers. Overlooking such minute details before enrolling may turn your B school experience futile.

Choosing infrastructure over amenities

A B-school may have state of the art infrastructure, big classrooms, fully air-conditioned, and a 5-star hostel room. These are good enough to pull students in the name of “great infrastructure.” However, these all are in vain if the school does not have a good library or a research center. Choosing a college for its infrastructure alone is one of the crucial mistakes students make.

Choosing a college based on its fee structure

“High fees equals better education” is a myth. Expecting your B school to be awesome because it charges you more is not the right criteria for selection. The fee structure should not be the criteria for selection. Always look for good faculty, location, and placement records of the college before enrolling and focus on value for money rather than the quantity of money.

Preference for local colleges without looking into crucial things

Just because your city has a B school, it does not mean you have to choose it. Many students just overlook the factors like faculty, accreditation, placements, environment just because they have a college in their vicinity. While it does help you save on conveyance, it does not guarantee a better future. The best way out would be to choose a college located in an industrial, technological, and corporate hub.

Choosing a college blindly because of the high number of internships and industrial visits

There’s no denying the fact that internships and industrial visits are an essential part of a management curriculum. However, if you do not gain anything significant from those visits, those are nothing less than leisure travels. So choose a college, not because of the number of internships they offer. Rather focus on the quality of industrial visits, internships, and live projects that the b-school offers. Most students do not bother to look into the company profile or the internship offerings and just get on board because of the high numbers. Always give preference to quality and not quantity.

To sum it up:

Reasons to join a B-school can differ from student to student. Before you decide to enroll in one, ask yourself, what do you want from it? Be clear on your goals and refrain from the mistakes listed above. Choose wisely to tailor a bright future for yourself. Still in confusion? Read our other article on things to consider before choosing the right b school. You can also contact us for any queries, admission support, or clarifications you need to choose the best B-school for your MBA/PGDM course.