The Need to Communicate Effectively

One basic human need of management students in the modern world is the ability to communicate. Today, the desire to exchange information with others and gain knowledge in the process has become a prerequisite of success. But hurdles in this process are inhibitions in the minds of the communicators. Several times, in management classrooms, students face this mental roadblock. They have brilliant ideas in their minds but are unable to articulate. One of the reasons behind this is lack of knowledge about the communicatee and a confusion regarding choice of symbols to be used in the process of communication.
As pointed out by Dr M. M. Monippally in his article ‘Seven Communication Roadblocks’, we are all too busy with ourselves to work seriously towards knowing others. Most of us do not go beyond gossip about others. And gossip, according to Dr Monippally, tends to reduce ‘three dimensional people’ into ‘two dimensional caricatures’. Gossip tends to portray its victims in a negative light, though it gives a sense of superiority to the ‘gossipers’. This leads to gradual stifling of attempts to know others, thereby leading to miscommunication.
So how do we change things? The world is huge and getting to know millions of people around us is not practically feasible. There are risks involved in the process also- risks about being influenced by the flow of information, risks about shifting orientation towards communication.
Knowing the people to communicate with, is a slow and continuous process because people involved in the process are far from static. Values, perspectives and knowledge-bases change – so to communicate effectively, we need to keep track of all these changes. Knowing others and communicating with them is a two way street wherein mutual knowledge is shared for the benefit of all.

Anuradha Pandit

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