St. Kabir Open Platform For Entrepreneurs #SKOPE

St. Kabir Open Platform for Entrepreneurs #SKOPE

Entrepreneurship doesn’t just mean a startup or a small business. It means so much more to the youth today. It’s the realisation of their dreams. But are the youth of today ready to explore the huge possibilities of entrepreneurship? And most importantly, even if they are ready to become one, do they have the required skills? Are they aware of the many platforms that are ready and dedicated to making them and their business ideas shine?

It was a privilege for SKIPS to have Mr. Ashish Goyal, Lead, Business Development and SBU Education from NSE to address these issues. While he applauded the students for choosing PGDM as their stepping ladder for their career path, citing that PGDM has tremendous scope and potential for its aspirants’ future, he also enlightened us about the importance of bridging the gap between industry’s demand and the present education. Mr. Goyal stressed the fact that in order to become a successful entrepreneur, one has to develop a certain set of key skills, acquire as much industrial and market knowledge as possible, and most importantly, develop a sound, foolproof business idea and, with the help of NSE Education Initiatives, which provides a wonderful platform for budding entrepreneurs, convert those unique business ideas into successful enterprises.

To start a business, one needs money, and not everyone has a huge sum of capital ready to invest in the same. This is where the concept of venture capital comes in. Capital is raised to start a business on the basis of how well-thought of, how innovative, how brilliantly qualitative one’s business idea is, thus giving entrepreneurs ample chance to perform without any financial obstacles to worry about. In the past three years alone, Rs. 5,00,000 crores worth of venture capital has been invested in the market, and within the next three years, up to 10,00,000 new startups or small businesses are going to be established.

Gujarat as a business platform is the best in India and the number of opportunities that this state offers for upcoming startups is astounding. 32 companies from Ahmedabad, as of now, have been listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE), which is no small feat. Mr. Goyal inspired and encouraged us with a few touching success stories of today’s youth of Gujarat and their well-planned and well-executed business startups.

He emphasised that being listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) will not only provide the startups with much-needed goodwill and credibility, but also visibility in the eyes of industry and laypeople alike.

Entrepreneurship is clearly the future of India and the youth today are more than ready to face both the pros as well as the cons of it, the risks and gains that come with it, and with the NSE providing such a wonderful platform for them, they are bound to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

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