Sports Event- 17th And 18th January, 2015 Organised At SKIPS

Sports Event- 17th and 18th January, 2015

A two-day sports event was organised at SKIPS on the 17th and 18th of January, 2015. The sports meet was conceptualized, organized, and implemented by the Sports Committee of SKIPS with help from the faculty members. The first day of the event had many indoor sports activities such as treasure hunting, table tennis (singles and doubles), indoor cricket, chess, and carom and was conducted within the SKIPS campus.

The second day was hosted at Sanawad Campus, where all outdoor sports were organised and teams competed against each other for glory. The day started with track and field events such as sprints, relays, and middle distance running, followed by a thrilling cricket match. The volleyball match was a nail-biting event with fierce competition between both teams. Kho-kho and tug of war saw students pushing their agility and physical capabilities to the maximum in order to take home the winner’s title. Three students who shared their birthday on the 18th were surprised to find a grand celebration organised in their honour at Sanawad campus.

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