SKOPE GUEST LECTURE – Mr. Manasvi Thapar

On 3rd September, St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies hosted a talk by Mr Manansvi Thapar, founder of Candour Legal, a first of its kind legal firm, as a part of Young Tycoons Talk Series, an initiative of SKOPE (St. Kabir Open platform for Entrepreneurs). In his talk which was just as captivating as his persona, Mr.Manasvi spoke about his thoughts on entrepreneurship. He told the audience about his belief in the fact that as an entrepreneur, one is most likely to fail first, as success never comes easily. Speaking about his journey, he told about how he started his career in political party with the vision of eradicating corruption. Later, he founded his firm which gave free services on law to the start-ups in India. Quoting various examples from the Indian history, he emphasised on the richness of our country in terms of culture, education, contributions to the field of science and others. He ended the talk by stating the importance of doing research pertaining to a new venture anyone wishes to begin with. It was an illuminating session indeed, which the audience thoroughly enjoyed.