SKIPS had the honor of hosting Mr.Sumit Inani

On 21st July St.Kabir Institute of Professional Studies had the honor of hosting Mr.Sumit Inani, the M.D. of Satyam Syncotex Pvt. Ltd, Rajasthan. In his invigorating speech, he motivated the students by sharing his experiences as well as his perception about the importance of hardwork in one’s life.  He talked about the virtues of great individuals like Swami Vivekanand, Maharana Pratap, Arjun and Lord Krishna, and encouraged  students to draw inspiration from their lives. He also enlightened the listeners by telling them simple yet effective ways of becoming a considerate citizen of the country. Mr. Inani insisted that one must never harbour negative emotions such as hatred, jealousy or do wrong to someone even in the weakest moment of their lives.  The students listened to this speech with rapt attention which ended with a quote by Arjuna who said that “Koi bhi lakshya manushya ke saahas se bada nahi hota”