Preparing for Placement After MBA

Towards the end of the Masters of Business Administration program (MBA) or Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) – the lectures, presentations, study clubs, trips, guest lectures, internships will be over. You will be faced with the toughest yet most rewarding part of your master’s degree. You will move out of the comfort of your student life and enter the professional sphere. The best colleges for MBA in Ahmedabad attract the best of brands not only from Gujarat but all over the world. You will be meeting some of the most trusted and profitable companies of the world and nation at these placement interviews. Based on your merits, academic record, internship, overall profile, and interview rounds – you will be offered an entry level job with a package decided by the jury/interview panel.

As you approach this exciting threshold of your life, you will be nervous and optimistic at the same time. Here are some pointers which will help you to feel more confident and sound more prepared during the interviews. Here are some on-campus placement hacks:

Current affairs:
Companies no longer seek out the bookworms or academic champions. They look for awareness, street-smartness, and consciousness of the world. Reading the recent news and updating yourself about current affairs (national and global) can help create the impression of a person who is prepared beyond books and academics. Using examples and points for discussion based on business, politics, sports, and other topics can really make the candidate more impressive.

Recruiters do not want to be an option on your list of many interviews for the week. They want you to be interested and aware of the role you’re applying for. Reading about the company and perhaps the role, in brief, can help converse at another level with the interviewer. It shows that you are interested in and committed to the company and position you’re applying for.

You can practice speech (loud and clear voice) and posture in front of a mirror or with your friends/batch-mates. Be ready with common subjects like introducing yourself, describing your journey, discussing your career plans, and so on. Practice maintaining a smile, an upbeat attitude, and the right sitting position through the interview of different duration.

If you are prepared, confident, and clear about your perspective – recruiters will choose you for more than your academic performance. The professional industry of modern times requires dynamic individuals with a go-getter attitude.

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