Preparation Tips For ATMA 2022 For MBA Colleges In Gujarat

Preparation Tips For ATMA 2022 For MBA Colleges In Gujarat

For MBA, PGDBA, PGDM, and MCA programs, the AIMS Test for Management Admissions (ATMA) is a test that is managed at the national level. Test preparation tips from reputable MBA colleges in Gujarat may help you pass the test with ease. In comparison to several examinations on management, ATMA is not tough. However, passing the test requires strategic and careful preparation, as well as predetermined study advice.

The best time for the preparation of ATMA is a year. Learn how to prepare for the ATMA test, including material-specific advice and strategies to help candidates succeed.

Students should concentrate on studying the basic ideas and brushing up on the foundations of the courses during the first 2-3 months. Students who wish to take the ATMA 2022 test should begin studying all of the relevant topics as soon as possible in order to get a decent grade. For a better understanding of the ATMA 2022 curriculum, students should begin by answering the old question paper of ATMA with the sample.

The test comprises quantitative and verbal skills, as well as analytical reasoning, according to the ATMA exam pattern 2022. Six pieces will be separated into two parts in total. To earn a decent grade, candidates must pass these topics. ATMA study tools, both online and offline, can help you pass the ATMA 2022 test.

Common Preparation Tips for ATMA-2022

When preparing to pass the ATMA test, it is critical to concentrate on the ATMA preparation tips. Candidates can gain some basic tips on how to prepare for ATMA 2022 by reading the following materials.

  1. Make a Proper Study Schedule: Only a well-planned study regimen would enable students to prepare for the test in a systematic manner. Never depart from the timetable if cracking the ATMA exam in a month is important to you. Divide the time according to the importance of the subjects.
  1. Exams based on mock tests are essential for applicants who need to improve in their subjects.The ATMA arrangement dealers and AIMS worked together to launch the AIMS ATMA Mock Test Portal. This information is available on AIMS’ official website. Take advantage of it.
  1. Practice with the Constructive Phase: The entire exam is centred on only three subjects, each of which requires a significant amount of practice. Identify the most central themes in each area and begin practising them. This will also help you remember the equations for the quantitative aptitude section.
  1. The ATMA test pattern should be reviewed by candidates to learn about the marking method, overall and section-by-section exam time, and question and section distribution.
  1. Read and analyse it. To prepare for the exam, they should thoroughly read the ATMA syllabus 2022.
  1. Check the Strong Points: Identify your strong and weak points in each section.
  1. Purchase the best ATMA 2022 study materials.
  1. Improve Weak Subjects: Work on your weak areas and keep a regular track of their progress.
  1. Check the Sample Papers: Use ATMA question papers or sample papers to hone your problem-solving skills.
  1. Look at the shortcuts and tricks: After you’ve double checked your answers, learn how to solve questions quickly.
  1. Make a list of new words you learn from the newspaper; this will help you with your verbal skills.

When to Prepare For ATMA 2022?

Choosing the proper moment to begin preparing for ATMA 2022 is a difficult challenge. The importance of time in any competitive test cannot be overstated. You must finish the whole syllabus within the allotted time, and you must also do the revision. You’ll need at least four to five months to prepare for the ATMA exam if you want to ace it. In one spot, collect all of the necessary study materials, such as patterns, syllabus, previous year’s question papers, and test notes. books, links to the test, and sample papers. It can help in saving both energy and time. Give equal time to each area for preparation and try to take as many mock examinations as feasible.

Preparation Tips for ATMA-Section Wise

While managing the preparation tips, it is always necessary to learn the subjective work and the topics. You may check the section-wise preparation tips for the ATMA exam.

1: Analytical Reasoning Skills: This component evaluates the applicants’ ability to reason rationally and analyse data. To find the best answer, one must enhance their critical thinking skills as well as their approach. The topic’s main aspects are blood connections, odd-one-out, letter arrangement, analogy, syllogism, visual reasoning, verbal logic, coding-decoding, statement-conclusion, data sufficiency, and number series.

2: Quantitative Skills: To shine in this segment, you’ll need a lot of practice. Memorize all of the important formulas and understand the fundamental ideas of averages, percentages, and simplifications. This will come in handy when attempting to answer queries based on data interpretation. Time and work, percentage, pie chart, number system, profit and loss, time-speed-distance, bar graph, basic arithmetic, data interpretation, compound interest, simple interest, algebra, and series are the most important aspects of the study.

3: Verbal Skills: This exam assesses the candidate’s command of the English language. One must use shortcuts to locate the solutions to the problems in reading comprehension. Make an effort to improve your grammar and vocabulary. Manage to complete the parts like Fill in the Blanks, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Jumbled Sentences, Synonyms and Antonyms, etc. using the programmes and analyses.

FAQs on the Preparation of ATMA 2022

Go through some FAQs on the preparation tips of ATMA so that it will be easy to deal with the examination preparation.

  1. What is the perfect time to prepare for ATMA 2022?

Candidates should plan on studying for the ATMA test for at least a year. This, however, is primarily dependent on individual efforts as well as their strengths and flaws.

  1. To prepare for the ATMA Analytical Reasoning part, which books should I consult?

These books can help students prepare for the Analytical Reasoning:

1: “Logical and Analytical Reasoning by K Gupta”

2: “Multi-Dimensional Reasoning by Mishra & Kumar and Dr.Lal”

3: “A New Approach to Reasoning by BS Sijwali & S Sijwali”

  1. I’m in my final year of college. Is it possible for me to apply for the exam at ATMA?

Yes, students in the last year of the bachelor’s degree are eligible to take the ATMA exam in 2021.

  1. How Important is the Practice of a Mock Test for the ATMA Exam?

It is important to practice mock tests on a frequent basis if you want to succeed in any competitive exam.

Bottom Line

Deal with the aspects and proper planning on ATMA 2022 exam preparation tips from a top mba colleges in gujarat. If you need help in dealing with the subjective analysis of the ATMA exam, then it will definitely help you deal with various types of examination tips related to ATMA.