PGDM in Ahmedabad: Everything You Should know About PGDM

PGDM is a course that attracts almost everyone who aspires to build a career in management. Students from diversified streams join PGDM and MBA courses to not only step into the business world but also to gain a rise in their corporate ladder. Everyone looks for a top-ranking b-school that can help them fulfill their aspiration. The presence of some of the best business schools in Ahmedabad makes it a hub for PGDM and MBA.

Why PGDM from Ahmedabad?

Ahmedabad has been the center of higher education since the British era.  The sound corporate presence, industry-friendly administration, and the existence of prestigious education institutions make Ahmedabad famous and a much-opted choice for PGDM. The colleges here are rich in the teaching methodology and techniques both in senior secondary and higher education.
Ahmedabad has a cutting edge over other cities in the state. It has a better prospect for aspiring MBAs. Students prefer PGDM in Ahmedabad because of the teaching pedagogy, successful alumni, improved job and career growth opportunities, lifestyle, and safety.
Students and their parents prefer a city that offers overall development and is also safe. Ahmedabad has students full of ambitions, and the city has molded itself according to them. The scholars from Ahmedabad get an opportunity to flourish as a whole.

Importance of PGDM from Ahmedabad

Post Graduate Diploma in Management or PGDM is a two-year program offered by business schools across India. It is equivalent to an MBA but is considered more application-oriented. The analysis says that PGDM graduates add more value to their company compared to others.
Management prevails everywhere. Students from all disciplines look for a degree in management. Companies also look for graduates who have the skills to handle the administration. The business schools in Ahmedabad train their students to fit completely in the organization.
Even a businessman must-have skills to manage his/her resources to succeed. PGDM in every way is important. And there are many reasons for doing PGDM from Ahmedabad. Following are the reasons that back the statement and explain why getting a PGDM degree is crucial to make it big in the corporate world.

Better career opportunities

Companies believe that the more education you have, the better opportunities will knock on your door. Organizations see PGDM graduates as a valuable asset. Since there is huge competition, it is better to have a management degree or equivalent to stand ahead of your competitors. In the business schools of Ahmedabad, the students are taught the techniques and applications that make a student management professional. Some companies even sponsor their employee’s management education. If a company is paying for the PGDM education, it is an asset.

Formation of a corporate network

PGDM and MBA colleges have students from various educational backgrounds and with distinct interests. PGDM colleges in Ahmedabad allow students to connect and explore each other’s interests. They get a chance to interact with different people striving to achieve a common objective. These connections last not only as professional benefits but also as a virtue for your future ventures.

Post-MBA salary

Gujarat has big corporate and non-corporate firms that have a huge capacity for employment every year. They look for MBA professionals from within the state universities and colleges. Students with PGDM as their higher degree are recruited in big firms for a package greater than non PGDM graduates. The regional entrepreneurship, a cutting edge in trade and commerce, and good governance have made Gujarat a self-sufficient state to offer high packages for its MBA graduates.

Improved Communication Skills

PGDM and MBA courses are known to enhance the overall personality of a student. Separate lectures for personality development and communication are regularly held in the b-schools at Ahmedabad that help transform the student into a professional fit for the industry. Communication skills depict the confidence of a person, and so special attention is given to emanate speaking skills of the scholars.

A better understanding of entrepreneurship and business

MBA is not only for job aspirants; it is equally significant for budding entrepreneurs as well. It is a fact that people from Gujarat own thousands of hotels in the US, and they also have a large stake in the million-dollar diamond export business. These instances show that entrepreneurship is in the air of Ahmedabad. Management is the backbone of a successful enterprise. PGDM in Ahmedabad prepares its students for handling large businesses.


A good manager has pronounced leadership skills. A leader is expected to have insightful thinking and critical ability to manage both, the business objective and the team members. Leaders are problem solvers too. PGDM colleges in Ahmedabad unchain not just managers but business leaders who can effortlessly transmute existing organizations into a multinational.

Long-Lasting Knowledge

Just like swimming and cycling, the knowledge once attained during PGDM stays forever. The concepts learned in the two-year course are useful in real-life situations. One who has practical know-how and can apply the knowledge at the correct place is what an MBA college releases. They make their students pragmatic, which is a much required skill in today’s competitive environment.

Distinct perspective towards the industry

The PGDM colleges in Ahmedabad have a unique pedagogy that imparts education about all sectors of the business world. The basics of each field help students analyze their core interest area and also keeps them multifunctional. Further, students can opt for a detailed study in their respective areas of interest. PGDM covers all the aspects that are necessary to tell students about the working of the corporate.

Mentoring by professionals

It is the most crucial benefit that the students at Ahmedabad avail. They are taught by skilled professionals who are masters of their field. There can never be a doubt in the training provided by these white-collar workers. They are open to questions and provide the students with informative answers in their interactive sessions.

Industry centric course design

The curriculum is designed to keep the requirements of the industry as the primary focus. Autonomous institutions in Gujarat draft updated curricula and ensure that the students are prepared for advancements of any sort. PGDM courses are open-minded and keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

Concluding thoughts

Education opens doors for opportunities. The higher the education is, the better is the possibility to grow. Everyone prefers an MBA/PGDM graduate to add value to their company. So, job seekers join PGDM courses even after working as professionals. It gives them an extra edge. Not just economically, Gujarat is a socially sustainable place. The safety rate in Ahmedabad is 86.23, which is considered very high. Considering the cost of living, safety, quality of education, chances of growth, and skillful development, PGDM in Ahmedabad is a fruitful investment.
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