Panel Discussion on “Bridging the Employability Gap”

Students of St. Kabir School of Business attended the Panel Discussion on Bridging the Employability Gap which saw eminent panelists from Industry as well as Academics. The event was organized by Employer Recruiter Association at AMA. The discussion started at 2.30 p.m. on Saturday, 14th March
2015.There was a good discussion on how education system is molding the students these days and grooming them to get placed. The discussion started with a cosmopolitan view on employability gap and then went on to cover a number of associated topics ranging from the stakeholders in employability, job seeker’S responsibility, required psychological and social skills, employers expectations to barriers in growth of industry. It was a good learning experience for students wherein they got to know what are the skills they are lacking in and how that can be improved.

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