MBA Or PGDM – What To Choose?

MBA or PGDM – What to Choose?

One of the biggest questions that stares the students in their eye is – MBA or PGDM? While both are good in their own respect, there are some very solid reasons that make PGDM a tad bit better than MBA.

And here we have tried to list those reasons:

Difference in the administration/institutes

This is an important difference, as the colleges that give out an MBA vs the institutes that give out a PGDM have certain other dissimilarities that arise because of this one difference itself. MBA providing colleges have to be affiliated to some university, while there is no compulsion for PGDM colleges. Therefore, to make any kind of changes relating to the college, it would come of as an easy change for the PGDM colleges than MBA-providing ones, which would have to go through a lot of internal steps to actually get things done.

Syllabus might be outdated

In continuation to the above point, if there’s any kind of change needed in the syllabus of the management students – which is of course needed, as per the industry around the students keeps changing – an MBA college could easily take upto 10 years to get something like this going, as the University senate would have to agree on all the changes. On the other hand, a PGDM college, being self-governing in nature, wouldn’t have to go through any of such procedures, and would very easily inculcate the necessary changes.

Dual Specialization

The great thing about PGDM course is the way it provides dual specialization. An MBA college doesn’t do that. So, if a student gets a PGDM, they would have higher chances of not just finding a job with a top company, but also fitting in and giving a better performance than their MBA counterparts, as they could have specialized in not one, but two broad areas. And that is one of the biggest differences between these two courses.

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