MBA: How to Dress-up for GD and PI?

Applying for MBA in Ahmedabad or any other city, and the thing that that crosses mind is Group Discussion and Personal Interview. And while everyone talks about how to prepare for GD and PI, we almost always forget, till the last moment, that dressing up for the discussion and interview is another story in itself which requires quite a bit of thought.

Because the way you dress gives away the very first impression of you, before you might not even have said anything.

So, here are a few pointers to help you with choosing the way you dress up for your GD/PI:

Attire for Men
The way to dress for men would be wearing formal shirts and trousers, along with a tie that matches the whole attire. A tie, while not a necessity, is always advised. But the same can’t be said about, say a jacket or a blazer. If you’re going for your interview in a city that is generally cold, then you should of course wear one. The same couldn’t be said about a warm place, though. If you apply for MBA college in Ahmedabad, then you might not feel the need to wear a jacket at all. Also, when it comes to choosing the right colours for your shirts, go for colours that are subtle rather than loud ones.

Attire for Women
The one dress that comes almost immediately to mind when you think about a female MBA candidate, is a saree. And while saree is perfect, women have a bit more options than men, to choose from. A salwar kameez set, instead of a saree, if the woman feels that a saree might be a bit uncomfortable, is also a very plausible option. And when it comes to selecting the colour of the attire, it again goes well to select subtle colours. Other than going for traditional dresses,women can also choose to wear formal shirts paired with either pair of formal trousers or formal skirts. Minimalistic jewellery would look tasteful with such attire.

Tips for Both Men and Women
For both men as well as women, there are some things that would always go well – one of those things being watches. Very simple and utilitarian, watches look good with any attire. Pick your shoes according to what you’ve worn – especially women. Choose colours that sober rather than flashy – so, brown, black, navy blue, and such colours make the point quite effectively.

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