Management After Engineering – Why?

What leads students, after 4 years of intensive studying and many times, at least a couple of years of working, to go for another couple of years to study management? Especially when the curriculum, the whole field of study is different, why do it?

The basic difference between these two courses isn’t about the curriculum, but the basic fact that Engineering is about technology, while Management is more about people. And any industry that one is a part of, the thing that becomes evident quite early on is the way these two elements can not be mutually exclusive. The other elemental difference is that while Engineering is focussed more towards creating things, a business however small or big can’t sustain unless it’s able to market and finally sell those products. That latter part is what Management brings to the table.

And now looking from an individual’s perspective, no one wants to be in the same position that one started from. In terms of salary, position, overall career growth, it becomes difficult to rise above if you stop at being an engineer – unless you’re only interested in the technical field and want your career to shape in that particular direction only. In any other case, there are high chances that along with the above reasons, you might even find doing the same kind of job every day, a bit boring after a while. After a certain point, it’s of course more about moving ahead in one’s career, but the nagging feeling that there isn’t much left to learn as well – that is what becomes a big part of the reason for people to become management aspirants.

There is no dearth of colleges and institutes offering PGDM and they allow students to opt for dual specializations. This in turn makes the students’ profiles more diverse – providing them with opportunity for not just a job that’ better, but expanding the array of jobs they could apply for, the profiles that they could fit in, and the industries they could get employed in.

And so management after engineering is definitely an option that opens up a lot of avenues for students, and should therefore be pursued.

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