Location as a Factor While Choosing the Right MBA College

While there are lakhs of students who apply to so many MBA colleges every year, you wouldn’t really see them apply to all the colleges, now would you? That’s impossible.

So then, what are the factors that decide the list of colleges that a student actually applies to?

There is ranking. That’s first. Then the placements that these colleges are able to get for their students. And of course, the kind of academic facilities that these colleges are able to offer, which includes the faculty that these colleges employ.

And there’s this other factor, that seems quite unlikely to be a reason for choosing one college over the other, but nevertheless, it is. And that factor is – location.

Let’s look at some reasons behind location being a factor behind making a choice for college by most students:

Choosing one’s home city for college
If you live in a city that offers one of the best management programs in the country, then why would you choose any place else? Like, getting IIM-A for student who lives in Ahmedabad, why wouldn’t they choose to get their MBA in Ahmedabad? Especially in case of a non-residential course, not just the problem of accommodation, food, and basic amenities would never arise, you would be extremely comfortable – which is important, as this course tends to stress out even the best. So, a good comfort level plays a good role here.

Better placements
Aren’t placements probably the biggest reason for a student to even go for an MBA in the first place? It sure is. So, a good metro city would provide far better opportunities for placements, as these are the cities that usually are home to the biggest corporate firms in the country.

Easy and cheap accommodation
A good reason to choose a non-metro city, especially the one that houses a great ranking college, would be inexpensive living situation offered at these places. Students get a limited amount o money from their homes to spend, and finding a decent place to stay is something that you can’t ignore – so, getting a place like this at low cost is a great boon, to say the least!

Nice crowd; nice exposure
One of the reasons that an MBA is considered to be a very important degree, is because of the kind of exposure that it provides – both, in terms of the syllabus as well as the diversity that it offers in terms of the students and faculty. Now, a city has a lot to offer when it comes to exposure. And that’s why location matters a lot. A nice, big metro city wouldn’t just offer a nice crowd to observe, talk to, and learn from, from an MBA’s perspective, but also from general life’s perspective.

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