Location as a Factor in Choosing PGDM college

Choosing to get PGDM admissions is absolutely no piece of cake – simply because it’s a really important course; and the fact that PGDM colleges are popping up everywhere like it’s nobody’s business, doesn’t in the least mean that any PGDM college would do.

Not just any college would do justice to this course, and so you need to choose the college fit for you, quite wisely. And while there are so many factors to look at, how important do you think location of the management college matters?

We think, a lot.

And here’s why:

Look at the placement ratio

The more industries and companies a city is home to, the more does that help the students pursuing PGDM get placed. And so, obviously, PGDM admissions to colleges that are situated in one of the metro cities are more common and more preferred.

Accomodation: cheap and safe

A reason why people go for PGDM in their home cities is because they’ve been living there for too long, and so, they know the turf quite well. Also, when you see it from the safety point of view, it still makes sense to live at home while getting PGDM. But the most important factor still remains the amount of money one saves – what on accommodation and food – and that too, without having to compromise on the living condition and quality of food. So, it’s always a plus if your dream college and you reside in the same city.

The people in that place

PGDM is a really important course to take up, for which one of the major reasons is the exposure that you get while in the course. The sheer variety of people that you meet, be it in the form of faculty, the peers that you’d have, the alumni you’d get to meet – all of these people form an important part of everything that you get to learn in the course of completing PGDM. And that’s why, to have your college located at a place that gives you the opportunity to have exposure not just inside but outside the campus as well – like if the city is a industrial hub – then it’s an added bonus that you just can not ignore.

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