Batch: 2015-17
Semester: I Section : B
Students of Batch 2015-17 of St. Kabir Institute of Professional studies were taken for an industrial visit at Coca Cola bottling plant, Goblej on 8th September 2015.
The visit was organized with the objective of giving them an insight into the production and operation processes at the industry and to make them aware about the connection between the theory taught at the institute and its practical application.
The visit started with brief information on safety measures taken care at the plant and an induction video was shown to the students. The students were later on divided in two different groups and were taken for the plant visit with their respective plant guides. Informational details were imparted about the whole bottling process including the preparation of the base, decarbonisation, formation of syrup mix, checking the temperature and finally bottling and packaging.
After the vast observational learning gained from the plant visit, students attended the immensely useful informative session delivered by the Plant Manager of the industry. The queries of the students were answered specially by the HR manager, Marketing manager and the Finance manager who had specially come to address the students and satisfy their inquisitive minds.
The visit to the company was an insightful experience which colossally gave a good learning to the students. It was really a memorable experience for the students.

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