HR Effectiveness

HR Effectiveness

HR professionals are on the rise every year, which makes it very critical for HR managers to define what effectiveness stands for. As the number of global HR professionals climbs close to one million, it becomes important for this relatively new profession to define what it means to be effective. HR is not restricted to only line functions but has attained a strategic position in organizations. HR leaders have globally recognised the combined influence of an employee’s ability, organisational culture, and leadership, which could contribute to the growth of an organization. HR here should play an active part as an insightful adviser and architect in these matters. In this continuously growing world, there is a greater need for HR to define its standing and contribute to the success of the organization.

The competencies of a successful HR manager must be:

  1. HR must be able to study the external business trends and stakeholders’ expectations and synchronise the internal action plans accordingly.
  1. It should concentrate on both the business results as well as human capital improvement.
  1. HR should not be an isolated activity like recruitment, training, compensation, etc but an integrated solution to the organization’s goal.
  1. HR must be involved in both day-to-day administrative activities as well as strategic practices.

HR should have a vision backed by organisational goals and strive for continuous excellence. HR effectiveness should be an innate part of the action plans, interlinking various HR functions as per requirement.

PGDM Students who are looking to join the HR bandwagon need to understand its importance in an organisation and the change that HR can drive in an organization, from individual capability to culture. The MBA best colleges in ahmedabad are addressing the changing needs of the industry and inculcating them into their internal action plan, which would increase the employability of the pgdm students and thus provide them with effective managers to contribute to their growth stories.

By—Dr. Prof. Shreshtha Dabral

Ph.D (Pursuing), UGC NET, M.B.A

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