How To Prepare for Your Exams?

Having entered the PGDM college of your choice, the other obstacle that you have to get through is exam. And as it is with any school, these exams never seem to end, now do they. While the difficulty level is what sets all these exams apart, whether or not you’re in a PGDM college, these are few tips that should help you with any exam that you take:

Sleep; and Drink a Lot of Water!

With exam time hovering over heads, the one thing that hits every head is studying through the nights and finishing all the syllabus plus revising it twice just before the exam begins. And with sleep hitting you like a tsunami every time you try to read the same sentence over and over again, what choice does one have but to put insane amounts of caffeine in the body? But you do have a choice. It’s a bit of a difficult choice – but instead of 10 cups of tea or coffee or both, try drinking as much water, get a good night’s sleep, and there are better chances that you won’t find the words dancing when you get your question paper the next day, will feel fresh, able to concentrate better, and hence answer better.

Practise Makes a Man Perfect

And so, you have to practise practice. You should have read something so many times, in so many ways, that seldom should a question ever look completely new or unseen to you That’s the deal way to not just prepare yourself for an exam but also give you a good idea of what you’re studying. Thinking that just knowing things, many a times you’ll feel that it’s not enough as you sit down to write your exams, as knowing and writing that same thing that you know are two very different things. So, instead of trying to mug up everything at the very last moment, it’s always better to have practised before, and leave the last few days for revision only.


Last few days left for revision are the most important days. However much you’d have practised before your exam, however ready you might think you are, without a proper revision of your syllabus, everything can fall apart very easily. The mind needs to revise everything that it has read before, it needs that last nudge, before it can spill everything without getting confused at the actual time of exam.

Give Yourself Some Credit!

You have to now relax. Now, that the exam is actually about to begin in a few minutes, give yourself some credit for having done everything you could, and hope for the best! And even as you get your test paper, read all the questions calmly – know that you have prepared really well, and high chances are that you know all the answers really well.

Don’t go on discussing the answers right after completion of exam! Go have a nap, or listen to good music.

Wish you all the best! 🙂

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