How to Prepare for the Screening Process for a Top MBA College?

The entrance examination is merely a stepping stone to admission to any management institute of an MBA programme. After completing the CAT exam and gaining the degree from a top MBA college, the job hunting process begins. 

To be admitted to the desired B-school as a student, applicants must perform well on the CAT or other MBA entrance tests and pass the Group Discussion and Personal Interview hurdles (GD-PI). For cracking the exam and accomplishing the goals, some steps must be followed.

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There are three stages to the MBA admissions procedures:

  • Candidates are screened with the performance on the MBA admission test in the Group Discussion and Personal Interview (GD-PI) phase. 
  • Candidates for admission are chosen at the end of the process.
  • Each candidate’s performance in the CAT or other entrance exams, GD-PI, and academics are considered for final selection. 

The GD-PI is given greater weight than the entrance exam score in most top MBA colleges in Ahmedabad. The group discussion is essentially a personality assessment exercise that institutes use to choose the finest candidates. You’ll find MBA interview hints and group discussion guidelines on the program.


Interview Tips for the Candidates of MBA

During the personal interview phase, candidates are evaluated on communication skills, confidence, stress management, presence of mind, clarity of thinking, leadership qualities, desire to learn, task orientation, team skills, goal clarity, and other factors.

Two to three panellists make up the interview panel. The majority of interviews span 10-20 minutes, and the candidate is assessed using the following criteria provided by the best business school:

  • Personality – Gait, Sitting Style, and Demeanour
  • Body Language and Communication Abilities
  • Subject-Matter Expertise
  • General Understanding
  • Clear Goals


Ways to Achieve First Impression

Minor details like knocking on the door before entering, not taking the chair until instructed, and not interrupting the panellist must all be observed. 

  • Thank the panellists and greet them. 
  • Maintain eye contact while remaining confident and humble. 
  • Don’t guess or bluff if you don’t know the answer to a question. 


“Tell us about yourself” is the most frequently asked question because it sets the tone for the entire interview. A proper response gives the panellists a glimpse into your past, abilities, and thought process, which helps them start the dialogue. 

Make sure your response is concise and clear. Keep your introduction short, but make sure it includes an accomplishment. The best B schools help in managing the data and screening process properly.


Know the Dress Code for GD/PI MBA

Wear something comfortable during your MBA admissions personal interview and the screening process. The male candidates should wear a formal shirt and pants and formal shoes. Solid-coloured outfits (formal/semi-formal) are recommended for women. Start the makeup with the accessories that should be kept to a minimum level. It is necessary to maintain a formal code while dressing because, without a formal dress, it is not possible to deal with the MBA course. 


Tips for Group Discussion of MBA Screening

The candidate’s presence of mind, knowledge, social awareness, communication skills, and capacity to hold a coherent and structured debate are all tested during the group discussion. The evaluators pay attention to how and what the person says and their confidence, listening skills, persuasion talents, and interpersonal skills gained from the MBA colleges in Ahmedabad.

  • Candidates are divided into groups of 7-12 and given a 15-25 minute topic to discuss the screening process. 
  • When the topic is set, the evaluators take a step back and watch each candidate.
  • The group is given a discussion topic. Occasionally, a case study is presented for discussion. This type of case study is frequently based on real-life scenarios.
  • The time allotted for preparation is five minutes. 
  • Each member in the group has about 1 to 1:30 minutes to talk. 
  • Conveying one’s thoughts in a meaningful and logical manner in such a short amount of time.


Evaluation Parameters of Group Discussion

The score candidates and evaluators are based on the parameters of group discussion. Also, the complete understanding of leadership and body language management is part of the group discussion. While increasing the score of the candidates, it is necessary to understand the parameters of group discussion on MBA. Have a look at some tips on MBA and GD programs:

  • Increase the strength of the point
  • Look at the quality examples of rephrasing or building existing points.
  • Know about the quality examples along with the arguments
  • Train the candidates to manage their body language whenever required for the group discussion
  • Manage the communication skills with the language and command over your style.
  • Try to behave confidently with all the people who are engaged in various types of evaluation parameters that are involved in the MBA screening process. 


 Parameters of Group Discussion

Various parameters are based on managing group discussion of MBA or PGDM. If the candidates understand the parameters of group discussion, it will be easy to manage the functionalities of the MBA program. Have a look at some parameter points:

  • Team Management Skills
  • Communication Abilities
  • General Awareness
  • Analytical Skills
  • Programs and Function
  • Training for GD

If the parameter settings and points are managed properly, it will be easy to deal with various types of procedures of GD that are based on the points and functions. With the help of the structural change in the screening process, you cannot manage the techniques of MBA. You can also manage the structure of MBA programs with the help of different group discussion tips and procedures.  


Final Note

You may have been thoroughly acquainted with the screening process of top MBA colleges in your city. However, you have to learn which college and faculty will give you complete knowledge about the screening process of completing an MBA. If your faculty board is good, it will always be easy to deal with MBA education and the MBA screening process. Be confident to sit for the interview.