How To Choose Your Specialization?

Getting your management degree – one of the vital questions that would most certainly play a role in your deciding the college you’d go to, is the specialization you’d choose. Like, deciding to get an MBA in Ahmedabad if you’re more interested in marketing, or IIFT, Delhi for Finance, or some place else – here’s an article to help you decide just that.

Like we said, getting MBA in Ahmedabad from IIM, would in many ways mean studying from a college that offers the best course in marketing, you should know that this is a field that requires people who are more outspoken, outgoing, and who like dealing with other people. And these are the skills that your resume can boast of by telling of your participation in various extracurricular activities in, as well as before college. And your profile would also demand you to travel quite a bit, motivate your operational staff more often than you think, and in general, be able to manage everything out of the limited resources you would have. The selection panel would want to see that you’ve got persuasion skills; and specially for this purpose, you might be made to work in the sales department first, for a couple of years or so, and then shifted to marketing – in order for you to learn the ropes.

Numbers. That’s the first thing that comes to mind as you think about Finance. And rightly so! Not everyone’s cup of tea, especially as it is a tad difficult than the other specializations, you will need to be good at calculations, logic, know the economics of the country and the world around, and be able to analyse problems. Also, you’ll have to be ready for some very hectic work schedules, and working continuously for really long periods of time.

Communication skills being one of the most important parts of being a Human Resources manager, you would have to be able to recruit people, interact with them, solve any problems that might arise amongst the employees, and so on. It’s all about being able to balance having to implement tough decisions, when needed, and understanding the concerns of the employees as well. Not just this, but because change is one of the most vital nature of any business, change management is also something that companies usually want their HR managers to be adept at.

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