More often than not, there is always a confusion that lingers over the heads of many, whether to opt for a PGDM programme or go for a full-fledged traditional MBA Programme. Every year there are many students who loom over the thought of going ahead with any of these career choices which they are unknown to. While both of them seem equally appeasing, there are differences in the a regular PGDM programme and a traditional MBA programme. Through this information piece, we tend to clear your confusion over the difference between the two and make your life choices slightly easy by telling you how the entire thing works for MBA as well as PGDM COURSES IN INDIA.

First things first, MBA is Master of Business Administration and is a Post Graduate Degree in Management. This Masters degree is offered by colleges affiliated to Universities in India. These universities follow a single or a linear curriculum that is designed for the course and offers many other degrees like Bachelors and Doctorate. On the other hand, PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management and is offered by autonomous colleges that are approved and recognized by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Govt. of India. As the PGDMs are autonomous institute they have very flexible and dynamic curriculum to cater to the needs of corporate world.

In today’s time, corporates usually don’t scratch their brains much to distinguish between MBA and PGDM. Though, there are some of the top notch B Schools in India and some of the BEST COLLEGES FOR MBA IN INDIA that provide you with a Management education. The PGDMs colleges have the entire liberty to make the most of their rules and regulations and be flexible enough to not follow any certain curriculum and get an edge over other institutions by adapting with the industry needs and demands from time to time. All in all, if one is getting a PGDM qualification from a reputed institute, there shouldn’t be any reason why you should not be chasing it. To make the education more effective, PGDM courses are flexible in a manner in which the institutes can introduce elementary changes in their courses and syllabus from time to time depending upon the need of the industry. That is another reason why the courses are more updated as compared to MBA courses.

If you are wondering what works better in the long run, in terms of job aspect, there is hardly any difference that you would find once you enter into the workforce. If you come from a reputed B school, there are high chances that you would be hired because you are a product of the BEST COLLEGE FOR MBA IN INDIA or BEST COLLEGE FOR PGDM IN INDIA. Later on, once you begin working, you would even come to realize that your promotion or appreciation is based solely on your performance and how you are performing within the organization.

Most of the times, there are certain students who already have an idea about their strengths and weakness and hence they opt for a smarter way out. In those cases, they opt for reputed colleges offering PGDM degree where the return on investment is better compared to the traditional MBA programme. It is always advisable that you evaluate on a personal level, about the Return of Investment that you would get once you have chosen to go in a certain direction. Marketing, Finance, Business Analytics, Corporate Banking, Wealth Management, Production and Operations Management, Investment Banking etc are some of the best career choices that one can opt for after taking a PGDM or MBA program.

Many students have their objectives and goals identified and that is the key reason why they go for an industry oriented course structure which is often offered in better ways in PGDM courses as compared to traditional MBA courses. The curriculums offered by these autonomous colleges are designed in that way that helps you with a very practical approach. Also, PGDM helps you choose an area of specific specialization where you wish to take your career ahead, years down the line. Looking at the financial aid, it is easier to get educational loans if you are opting for PGDM courses. These job oriented programmes also help you with better job related skills that would make you industry ready in no time.

All said and done, it is always very important to know which direction you wish to go and what kind of career path you are aiming at. Making a list of everything, it is indeed important that you consider all the above points and choose what suits the best for you. In any case, a degree is always just a degree, what you do beyond a degree matters the most.