How SKIPS is Reinventing Pedagogy of Management Education to Address the Employability Gap?

In today’s world, a career in business management is considered one of the most sought-after and well-respected professions. While this is a very competitive field, only a career in management can actually prepare you for a variety of opportunities that the corporate world has to offer. This is the main reason why management has always been the number one choice for many aspirants as the possibilities are endless!

However, with time, many emerging factors have affected the ranking of this field and the employability of management students. Having said that, the business landscape is significantly evolving, and keeping up with its pace would be challenging if you are not aware of the reasons behind the employability of management graduates.

And here are a few factors why the students from this field are finding it challenging to achieve a successful career. And how St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies, Ahmedabad is reinventing the face of management education!

Hands-On Knowledge

Many companies look out for industry-ready candidates that have the talent for how the real world works. And that’s why we at St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies have shifted to a new course pedagogy– with more focus on hands-on learning that will help students gain real-world understanding and allow them to walk away with the skills that will serve them lifelong in their careers.

Bridging the Gap In People’s Skills

Along with academic excellence, recruiters look for people skills like good communication, critical and emotional thinking, and collaborative skills in management aspirants. To overcome this challenge, here at SKIPS Ahmedabad, these crucial aspects are highlighted right from the beginning of business management education. This is one of the biggest reasons why management pass-outs from our institute are achieving success in their career journey.

Solving the Absence of Requisite Industry Experience

Exposure is everything in the field of management. Moreover, today’s industry highly stresses networking and socializing. If aspirants are not exposed from the beginning, they may find it difficult to climb the corporate ladder in the future. 

To help our students stand out from the rest, we at SKIPS Ahmedabad focus on providing adequate exposure to many management fields with the help of advanced mediums that help them to adapt to the present-day needs of the corporate industry.

Empowering Students With Skills

Along with this, we, at St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies (SKIPS – Top Mba College in Ahmedabad), Ahmedabad, focus on empowering our students with the best skills to help them achieve success in the corporate world. We believe that aspirants not only require a degree but comprehensive training that will help to take them one step closer to a successful professional career. And thus, we are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to bridging the gap and preparing our students for a highly competitive market and real work environment. 

A PGDM with a Difference: 

A Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) Programme at SKIPS, Ahmedabad enables thorough learning in various management areas. It is meticulously planned with the supported contribution of inputs by pivotal stakeholders including industry experts, academicians, and our talented alumni and faculty. 

SKIPS not only caters to market needs but equally concentrates on the full-fledged development of the students. Along with academic and practical training, students also participate in several extracurricular activities.

Moreover, we give our students exposure to global management operations with international academic collaborations while maintaining relevance to their own economy and integrating the best industry practices with theoretical developments to create a learning environment that is rich in all aspects. 

Student needs and industry requirements are at the core of our beliefs and every aspect is built around this. With our extensive and global-level market research, we consistently exchange know-how with other successful B-schools. We accumulate brilliant ideas and teaching methods and combine them with our state-of-the-art infrastructure and innovative training approach to provide our students with the perfect amalgamation of opportunities to fill their skill gaps. 

Needless to say that the faculty at SKIPS has been known for providing the best quality knowledge to students and is consistently presenting the industry with the finest management talents who committedly contribute to the business world. 

To conclude, present-day industry-ready pass-outs can be a win-win solution for business schools, students as well as the corporate world. And innovative pedagogy can go a long way in ensuring this!