Guest Lecture – Mr. Tejas Chhabra

On 3rd August 2017 St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies #SKIPS hosted a guest lecture under #IIF (Industry Interaction Forum) on the ‘Use of ERP in Business World’ by Mr.Tejas Chhabra, the Vice President of VCERP Consulting Pvt. Ltd. He began his talk by giving an overview of Digital Disruption and its remarkable impact on our lives. Mr.Tejas Chabra illustrated the Business World Processes such as procurement, inventory & store management, production, sales and the role of #ERP i.e. Enterprise Resource Planning in simplifying the problems related to these stages. He elucidated the concept of ‘Just in time’ and also highlighted the perks of becoming an ERP & #SAP Consultant. It was an enriching experience which kindled the students’ enlightenment with new perspectives.


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