Guest Lecture – Mr. Ankur Shah and Mr. Praveen Joshi

On 10th August 2017 St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies #SKIPS hosted a guest lecture under the #IIF (Industry Interaction Forum) on ‘S&P Global In Market Place & Life Lessons From Leaders’. The speakers were Mr. Ankur Shah, the Associate Director and Mr. Praveen Joshi, who is also the Associate Director at S&P Global Market Intelligence. They gave a comprehensive overview of the Focused Business Intelligence sector. Emphasizing the significance of the ‘present time’, Mr.Praveen remarked that clients and revenue are the prime factors that propel any business. Mr. Ankur Shah motivated the students to innovate and collaborate in order to achieve their goals. He also stated that disruptive thinking is the new norm which helps us to unleash our potential. His talk was followed by the various questions put forth by the students. They benefitted immensely from the interactive session.


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