Full-Time MBA Or Part-Time – Which One to Choose?

There are ample number of reasons as to why you’d like to go for an MBA – it could be anything ranging from getting a new job, to changing one’s career altogether. But, the question remains as to which one of the two should one go for – leave job and go on a quest to accumulate the sea of knowledge, or learn without stopping their earning?

We would say, get yourself admission in a full time MBA course. With so many premium colleges in major cities offering this course, it has created a niche for MBA-Ahmedabad, Pune, Mumbai, and so on.

So, check out these points to know why is it that we would recommend you to go for full time course instead of a part time one:

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a full-time MBA course over a part-time one is the placements. You don’t get as lucrative recruitment offers when you get your MBA part-time, as full-time. This is usually due to the on-campus placements that full-time MBA students enjoy.

Not Competitive Enough:
Many-a-times, part-time MBA courses aren’t considered as competitive as their counterpart, especially those colleges that are situated in more of a secluded area, instead of a more metropolitan area.

Not Diverse Enough:
Diversity is one of the key things that the admission panels of these colleges giving out postgraduate business degrees look for – and they have a really strong reason for that. It’s the exposure that a student gets on entering these courses that matters the most. And because part-time MBA courses aren’t able to bring much of this factor into their batches.

Time it Takes to Complete Course:
These part time programs also tend to last longer than 2 years many times, plus with the placement facilities not too efficient, the students find themselves rarely able to change their careers – which happens to be one of the major driving factors behind students getting an MBA in the first place.

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