Fighting Anxiety about getting Admission into PGDM?

Anxiety feels like a constant companion while you’re waiting for your exam to get into MBA, PGDM, or any other course finally start, or when you’re waiting for your results to finally arrive!

But, it doesn’t have to be so.

Like so many other things in your life, this is also a thing that you can get rid of – and you have complete say in it. But, it might seem a little far-fetched, just reading this.

So, here re some practical and easy-to-follow tips that will help you say goodbye to pre- PGDM admission stress:

Healthy Body breeds Healthy Mind

Run. Dance. Walk. Do something rather than sitting all day worrying. Even sitting all day while studying won’t help. You have to get up, and get fit. It won’t just help you be healthy, but you will have fun. You will find yourself happier. And you will finally be able to find the peace of mind that you need in this time of chaos.


Hobbies are a must. Not because they look good on a resume – though that too is a reason – but it’s not a good enough reason to actually start having a hobby. You should start doing something only because you love doing it! So, go on and write, sing, paint, or whatever it is that you absolutely love doing!

Power of Visualization

One of the most important things they say, is that if you can see it, you will have it. So, the question is, how much do you believe in yourself? Because it is that belief that will help you create the picture of the perfect future in your mind, and creating a visual while getting rid of any doubts that may arise – it’s the perfect way to create your perfect reality!

Let it Go. Period.

We are not saying that keep failure as an option; as your back-up. But don’t fret over success too much – don’t spend sleepless nights just obsessing over the fact that you have to get this right, because failure would mean the end of the world. Because nothing can bring your world to an end. You have to want your result, sure; but, everything in perfect dose – neither too much, nor too less – just enough. So, visualize your perfect score, your perfect college, and then let it go. Do everything you can physically and mentally – but never overdo yourself.

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