Difference between MBA vs. PGDM

With the increase of company culture still as an encouragement to entrepreneurship in India, more and more students are choosing management studies. There’s no dearth of institutes and universities giving postgraduate programs in management. MBA colleges in Ahmedabad offering a wide range of courses all under the same academic bracket. However, Indian students often find themselves faced with the choice of two such courses, namely MBA and PGDM.

Candidates are typically unsure regarding the distinction in titles still as content. This results in a lot of confusion concerning that course one ought to select, and why. Here’s your guide to understanding the distinction between the MBA and PGDM courses in India.

Decoding the Terminology

Although each course primarily trains you for social control and leadership positions, there are quite a few technical variations. Maybe the foremost putting among these is the formal names of every. What’s a Master in Business? – MBA, short for Master of Business Administration, could be a post-graduate degree. On the opposite hand, PGDM that stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management is, in fact, a diploma.

Affiliation and enfranchisement

As a Master in Business could be a degree, it will solely be offered by universities and institutes affiliated to universities. Their course of study is commissioned by the University Grants Commission (UGC). On the opposite hand, autonomous bodies like IIMs aren’t approved to supply a degree. Therefore, their course, the Post Graduate course in Management is recognized as a certificate and is regulated by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)

Academic variations

As mentioned earlier, whereas each course aims to coach you in management and administration, their approach differs considerably. While an MBA course tends to be additional theoretical, a PGDM focuses on the technical aspects, providing exposure to real-life business things. Also, a PGDM is incredibly completely different than a 1 year PGP offered by several personal institutes all across India. Another advantage of a PGDM is, because it is offered by MBA colleges in Ahmedabad, the curriculum can be upgraded more frequently to include the new changes and trends in business management.

However, if you would like to pursue instruction abroad, a PGDM is taken into account to be a certificate, whereas a university-affiliated Master in Business is counted as a degree, providing you with a more robust standing.

How it Impacts You Professionally

In India, still as overseas, each Master in Business and PGDM courses are thought to be having equal worth once it involves career prospects. Having a PG diploma rather than a degree is under no circumstances thought of to be a disadvantage. It’s the name of your university or institute and additional significantly, your skilled capabilities that matter.

Now that you just have a more robust understanding regarding the variations between the two programs, valuate the courses and opt for as per your educational and skilled preferences.