Career in Marketing after PGDM: Benefits, Scope, and Opportunities

Marketing is the brain of the business unit responsible for its growth. Products don’t sell by themselves; they need a medium to reach the consumer. It is where Marketing comes into existence. Marketing includes human interaction, media advertisement, and promotion to create consciousness about products and services.
In addition to that, good marketing is a cause that makes the right product reach the correct user. The value converts into the firm’s wealth as it builds up a loyal client base and expands its deals and benefits.
To be able to imagine a world without billboards and advertisements is in itself goofy. No business can eliminate marketing efforts, and this is what’s unique about this field. A PGDM in Marketing not only prepares you with theories of human behavior but also teaches you how to apply them to get things done.
Imagine you manufactured a product and now want to launch it. What will you do? Try and talk to prospective customers about it? Explain its benefits? Create discounts & offers? Everything from door-to-door selling to social media promotions is a part of Marketing.
PGDM in Marketing offers a wide range of career opportunities through which you can swiftly sail into the realm of marketing. PGDM- Marketing is a two-year course that is split into four semesters, each of which helps you understand the various areas of marketing.
Blend of theory with practical exposure is done through a mandatory internship in reputed companies. If you perform well, you can bag a PPO( Pre-placement Offer), placement in top big companies.

Benefits of PGDM in Marketing:

PGDM in Marketing includes courses that will help you to be a Marketing Professional. The main standard course of Marketing includes:

  • Marketing and Managerial Communication
  • Principal of Marketing and Management — Domestic and International
  • Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Research
  • B2B Marketing Strategies
  • Business Project Strategies
  • Basic and Advanced Level of Digital Marketing

Marketing Professionals understand the market, do detailed research, conduct product sales promotions through online and offline channels, etc.
Making a career in marketing may take time, but with a PG degree, you step-in the elevator to success. It is a leap that you take.
Why should you do it? Check out the reasoning and benefits behind it.

Higher Employability

As marketing efforts are linked with revenue, marketing staff is recruited all around the year. Companies are looking for smart marketing executives and managers who push the revenue chart of them. The chances of you getting into a company are much more than any other person. The number of vacancies in marketing is usually more than in any other field.

Career Growth

You have a varied number of choices for your job roles, all due to diverse types of marketing like traditional or digital. Marketing is an ever-evolving field and as the types increase, so does career growth. Marketing is related to performance. If you perform well, you grow well.

Socialising and Networking

Your entire career in marketing will involve creating relationships with clients that involves networking well. You have access to meet some senior people in the industry, the relationship with whom can lead you to many greater things in life.

Greater Rewards

Incentives are a thing in marketing that attracts most people. The better you perform, the greater is your reward, i.e., salary. The salary bracket of any marketing professional is usually greater than in any other field.

Personal Growth & Development

A marketing professional is always groomed and smart. When you enter this field, your work and curriculum teach you various skills: convincing skills, closing techniques, identifying an audience and converting them, communication skills, etc. You grow both personally and professionally.

Opportunities Await Your After Your PGDM In Marketing

Everyone wants to grow in life, and with PGDM-Marketing, you open new doors to success. The various opportunities that await you with the Marketing domain are:

Private Sector

One of the major recruiters for a marketing PGDM student is in the private sector. There are many big companies, MNC’s and many startups all set to take marketing students into their team. After you complete your PGDM, you can apply to anyone coming to your campus or off-campus for roles. Sales executive, marketing manager, brand manager, lead specialist, business development manager, digital marketer, etc., are just a few of them.

Public Sector

Even public sector enterprise provides various goods and services to which a marketing post-grad can apply. Most public sector enterprises might or might not come to your campus, but if you have an eye set, you need to take care of application dates. The chances are that your corporate outlook can help them in various marketing capacities.


With a major in marketing, you can even start your enterprise and scale it to new heights. With the in-depth knowledge of creating an audience, building a persona, attracting and retaining customer strategies, etc., that you are taught in marketing PGDM, you will be more than ready for this way!

Research Organizations

If you have an inclination towards research, you can join various companies like Deloitte, KPMG, etc., where different marketing research positions are available. These are just a few names, but your PGDM college can have many coming in for recruitment.


As you know the market, you know to influence it too. Consulting is also a line where various marketing professionals can go. You can either open your own or work in some.

Is There Scope In PGDM- Marketing?

When it comes to marketing, you need to be more observant and quick every time. Your communication skills should be clear and convincing.

What do you need to do as a Marketing professional?

  1. You need to be creative while presenting a project of the products.
  2. While collaborating with other brands, you need to make sure it encourages positivity without hurting anyone’s sentiments.
  3. Careful planning is required—every little detail matters.
  4. It will help if you excel in digital marketing — new technologies, software, branding, and SEO ranking.

Marketing is made for you if you are:

  1. Fascinated by the ads’ creative ideas and love talking about new products buzzing in the market.
  2. If you have experimental ideas on how to grow the business by applying new methods or mixing traditional and touch-up technology to attract more audience.

“Marketing will never die. It will always grow exponentially.”
If you choose to do PGDM in marketing, all you need to do is keep yourself upgraded. If you know how to swing the market, you will always have a plethora of opportunities in your hand.
We have two arguments that will show you the scope of marketing; read along.

Inevitable Part of the organization

Any organization that wants to sustain itself in the market has to do marketing. They can’t be ignored, or they will be buried as failures. A marketing division of any organization is like its heart; functioning without it is impossible. If a function is so pivotal, can you think of how many roles it will always create?

Almost regression-proof

While regression can hurt the job roles of marketing people, but no one can uproot an entire unit. They will in the coming future again be hired or will find new people. If you are one of the best, regression will never hurt your job!
Every industry requires people from marketing, but here are a few of the largest industries that always have marketing people at their core.

  • E-Commerce
  • Distribution and Supply Chain Management
  • Digital & Ad Agencies
  • Event Marketing
  • FMCG & Consumer Durables
  • Film & TV
  • IT
  • Banking and NBFCs
  • And more..

EndNote :

Doing a PGDM in Marketing will give you various career opportunities in the marketing domain. If you have a flair for it, if you love the way marketing works, you’ll have a good time. As Technology evolves, the digital age demands more Marketing Professionals who can sell more products in less time and generate more profit. The businesses are moving online and need creative professionals to work.
There are challenges that every industry faces, but the opportunities and benefits of marketing are way more than anything. We hope you have answers to your doubts now!