Career In Finance After PGDM: Scope, Benefits And Opportunities

Career In Finance After PGDM: Scope, Benefits And Opportunities

Financial management acts as the backbone of any business, and so planning, administrating, and controlling financial activities require a lot of specialized skills.

With on-going technological advancements and constant market changes, investments and financial decisions have become critical for every business.  More emphasis is on capital budgeting, revenue generation, risk management, and balancing profits and liquidity.

A PGDM in Finance offers numerous career prospects these days as compared to other Finance degrees. PGDM in Finance enhances various aspects of accounting and finance, along with its practical implementation. A PGDM finance student ensures smooth business operations and effectively works towards capital management, cost reduction, funds sufficiency, procurement of funds, and its optimized utilization. Therefore, organizations tend to recruit PGDM Finance students for their professional aid.

This article intends to highlight the scope, benefits, and opportunities of a career with a Finance specialization after PGDM, giving the reasons for how it is a smart choice.


Detailed Scope of PGDM in Finance

Finance is Omnipresent

Finance is a vast domain and is booming speedily. Be it any, Banking, Advertising, Manufacturing, Consulting, or any industry; financial management prevails everywhere. Every business requires a fund flow and management for the efficiency of their regular activities like pay-outs, reinvestments, harmonizing profits and losses, and so on. So, opting for PGDM does not imply that employment scope is only with banks or other financial institutions, but can be for any company.

Finance is Fundamental

Finance is fundamental for operating any business successfully. It is relevant even in non-financial facets of a business like marketing, HR, production, supply chain, etc. Possessing a PGDM in Finance provides a student with all-embracing business knowledge that gives a good kick-start to the career.

Beyond a Department

Over the past decade, Finance has evolved and has outgrown from being just a department. It has now adopted a strategic position in any business and is no more a manual reporting function of daily financial tasks. Finance teams now focus on business growth and provide insights for strategy building, policies, and decision making.

Holistic Nature

Finance is explicitly interconnected with every characteristic of the business, not just in parts but as a whole. Organizations demand a professional equipped enough to understand its essence and work towards the development.

Career Benefits after PGDM in Finance

Handsomely paid jobs

Managing finance is an on-going activity to keep the business successfully running. Every role in Finance after PGDM is critical and requires proficiency, therefore fetches high salary packages in the market.

Balancing work and life

It is one of the perks that Finance jobs are quite flexible. They do not need much moving, and also some profiles could be handled remotely. This gives the luxury of balancing work and life quite efficiently.

Numerous Career paths

After the PGDM in Finance, one can focus on any aspect of the field in a specialized way. The domain is very wide and offers a variety of job profiles like Financial Analyst, Financial Advisor, Investment manager, Banker, and so on.

Job Security

As a professional in PGDM Finance, the candidate would always be in demand. Along with this benefit, one can easily move from one role to another in Finance. This gives the freedom to the individual to build a successful career by upgrading roles, without any hindrance.

Opportunity for Nonstop learning

Finance jobs are critical and would always keep the professional alert to the surrounded affairs. Adapting to changes is crucial, and therefore continuous learning is important to grow. PGDM in Finance imparts an urge to keep learning, and the field gives the opportunity.

Challenging Job Profiles

Finance is a field that would always bring something new to the plate and keep the individuals on their toes. The roles in finance involve vital managerial tasks as working capital management, acquisition, and international financial and mergers. The domain would never be monotonous for any individual to quit or change.

Career Opportunities after PGDM in Finance

Every role after PGDM Finance requires specialized skills and are varied in nature.

Financial Advisor:

As a financial advisor is a specialist in handling the financial portfolio of the clients, the role requires to provide the best investment advice and possess in-depth knowledge of the market. The advisor is expected to make the most of the investor’s money through return on investments.

Investment Banker or Banker:

There are various financial institutions and Banks that recruit PGDM Finance professionals. These professionals work with various financial products and advice in the best interest of the business, retailers, and individual clients.

Equity Analyst:

This profile involves regularly reviewing and reporting on stocks and bonds and creating a calculated approach to increase the profits. This requires a lot of speculations and foresight of the current affairs and the market.


This profile mostly involves daily financial activities for a business i.e. Tasks like cash management, financial planning, financial risk management, managing corporate finance policies, liquidity management, and so on. Overall, the core role is to manage the fund’s inflow and outflow on a profitable scale.

Credit Risk Manager:

Such a job involves dealing with the defaulters and managing the risk in credit. A professional here needs to be very calculative here to understand the reserves, losses, and how to imply a risk management framework to operate.

Chief Financial Officer:

A CFO has an extensive job role and responsibilities to build financial strategies, forecast fund management, supervise investments, check on returns, manage financial risks, and its impact on other departments of the business.

Cash Managers:

A cash manager’s role is to handle the inflow and outflow of cast effectively. The role requires a lot of streamlining in the daily business operations and the funds utilized.

Risk Managers

A risk manager’s core activity is to identify the potential risks, design a management framework, implement policies, and eliminate the threats. This job profile requires continuous assessment of the business and market.

In a nutshell:

PGDM in Finance is not just a course but also a program that would strengthen in-depth knowledge and mould the student for proactive application in the financial world. Such a profound qualification highlights the candidature status of the applicant for the businesses. Thus, the scope, benefits, and opportunities for students with a PGDM in Finance are unlimited.