Capital First Organised Seminar At St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies

On August 10th, 2016, a seminar was organised by St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies at the SKIPS campus. Mr. Akshat Kabra, Cluster Head, Mr. Yagyansh Vashistha, Sales Manager, and Mr. Gautam Shankar, Relationship Manager, from Capital First, a leading loan agency, were the esteemed guests at the seminar. Mr. Kabra enlightened the listeners with valuable insights pertaining to loans, finance, and the current market trend for consumer durable goods. He also talked about the importance of customer relationship #management. Along with answering the queries of the students, he also interacted with them personally and asked them about their learning experiences during their internship at CapitalFirst earlier this year. The session was lively and full of zest as he engaged the students in witty conversations from time to time. It was a good learning opportunity for everyone who attended the seminar.

The lecture started with a focus on the financial sector of India. It was an enlightening session where Mr. Kabra shared his real life experiences and told students about the importance of the consumer durable industry. He also focused on various aspects related to products offered by NBFs. The students learnt about aspects like the difference between banks and non banking corporate institutions.

The seminar was a learning and interactive session for the students where Mr. Kabra answered all queries put up by the students to their satisfaction. Later on, he narrated his vision related to KYC’s. He also answered questions about how to raise one’s CIBIL score and what is the procedure for giving a loan to a customer.

Mr. Kabra concluded the seminar by inviting a few senior students on stage to share their experiences during their summer internship with Capital First. He also declared that the company was open to offering more summer internship opportunities to #SKIPS students. The seminar turned out to be very influential and motivational for the SKIPS students.