Bech De

Bech de was orgainsed by SKIPS on 18th March. The students had to make investment of Rs. 50 each and had to purchase any product of their choice and sell in the market. The total of around 10,000 Rs was earned by the students in 3 and half hours and the profit was distributed among them.The exercise was planned to imbibe entrepreneur and selling skils among the students. It was also an attempt to familiarize them with the realities of the grassroot level.The students were inspired by their performance and were looking forward to replicate the same performance in the real life assignments.From innovative ideas to bulk breaking simple trade , SKIPS sales event had it all. The enthusiastic students of first year PGDM sold pencil, masala chhas, cold drink tea and provided servies like Chhata services to provide relief from scorching heat of Ahmedabad . The student prepared strategy regarding product selection, target group identification and positioning for this event.
The winning team sold assortment of products like pencils, chhas, chips,etc to make whopping sales of 2, 820 in time period of 3 and half hours with only 350 Rs only.
The rules of the event were disclosed to them at the spot and thus all the planning was spontaneous. The activity enhanced selling skills, team work, analytical skills and reinstated the dignity of labour.

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