Covid 19 has indeed brought everything to a standstill and the uncertainty that still looms over our heads has given us a sense of dilemma, if nothing else. Every sector has gone haywire and even though the pandemic is still not over, things have started opening up and the world is back again on its feet. Everything is now moving at its own pace and although none of us know when things would get better, we are pretty sure that education and learning would never stop. If you are someone who is still scratching your head over whether you should opt for a traditional MBA program or a PGDM course, here are a few things which you should take into consideration. These pointers would help you in making an informed choice about the kind of course that you wish to take, especially in a time frame when everything else is under serious dilemma and confusion.

  • Since there are a number of students who want steady jobs now, they would be opting for a PGDM program from BEST PGDM COLLEGES IN INDIA rather than going for a traditional MBA program as PGDM programs are course and industry oriented and help the students in finding jobs easily. Since there are a number of specializations available in a PGDM programme, students find it easy to opt for a singular course where they want to take their career ahead. Given the COVID, now students won’t like to waste their time in finding a specialization and hence would go for programs that land them with better job opportunities.
  • PGDM programs also offer you with better and easy financing options which take off the financial load for time being. Usually, all the reputed institutes offering PGDM courses give the students an upper hand when it comes to financing their studies whereas you do not often get the same leverage often in a traditional MBA program. Usually AICTE approved institutions make it easy for the students to avail educational loans as they are tied up with banks that offer low interest rates and flexible loan programs. Money being one of the top notch concerns for many during COVID, with the help of flexible loans, there are many students who can consider opting for PGDM courses and giving wings to their dreams despite the pandemic.
  • The placement offers are somewhat lucrative when we compare it with a traditional MBA program. Since PGDM courses are industry specific, it helps in ensuring that there are more and more companies that come to PGDM College as they are quite confident of the resources that they want to hire during these tough times. Even the companies do not want to waste their resources by going on a hiring spree that has no purpose and that is the reason why they would be very careful in choosing candidates across various specializations.
  • Since PGDM Courses offer you with a variety of other specializations you can always take time to reflect which course and specialization that you want to go ahead with. However, going for an MBA program would not give you this liberty to choose the kind of specialization you want to pursue. Post pandemic, there would be more students who would be looking forward to go ahead with a specialization rather than opting for a traditional MBA program as having a specific specialization helps you with better job prospects
  • It is always believed that having a specialized PGDM course reaps you the benefits of better exposure than a traditional MBA program. Since you are opting for a PGDM program, you would be more aligned to getting better exposure in the form of compulsory internships and industry visits that would help you get in touch with some of the stalwarts from the corporate sector. Post COVID, apart from having great skills, personal recommendations would also help a great deal when it comes to landing you with better jobs. Since there are many PGDM programs that offer you internships and industry visits, you are bound to develop good equations with industry professionals. There is a key role that is also played by the visiting faculties from various companies who are quick to identify the students who can be a major bonus for their company.

Here were the key takeaways that you should always keep into consideration while choosing in between an MBA Program and a PGDM program post COVID. Taking into consideration the way things would shape up after the COVID, it is always important to know how you wish to shape up your career and go ahead with a calculated choice. It is always important to go for the BEST MBA COLLEGES in India and make sure you choose the college that suits you the best keeping into the consideration of everything that you expect from the course.